When we heard about the Gilmore Girls fan festival, like any hardcore fan, we really (really!) wanted to go. With screenings, cocktail hour, photo opps, a knit-a-thon, and Gilmore Girls trivia, it seemed like a dream come true for anyone highly invested in the lives of Lorelai and Rory. And while not everyone was able to make it to the Stars Hollow celebration the first time around, ANOTHER Gilmore Girls fan fest is happening, and you’ll definitely wanna make it this time.

Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham

During the weekend of October 20-22, the same folks who put on the first fest will do so again, this time in Kent, Connecticut, which is “right down the road” from last year’s location.

Though we’ve been given few deets on what exactly will be happening and don’t know yet if any of the show’s cast members will be making an appearance, we’re assured that the organizers are “using what [they] learned last year to make it even better for you,” as well as “adding a few things.” Let’s just hope those things will leave us feeling as shook (in a good way) as those epic final four words.

If you’re already gearing up to go, tickets can be purchased directly from the fest’s website.

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(h/t Cosmopolitan; photo via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty)