Spring is upon us, and that means two things: 1. outdoor brunches 2. spring cleaning! We came across this amazing Anthropologie Wire Wall Cubby and thought, “Hey we can make that!” This piece retails for about $200 and we spent about $80 to create ours. We kept the same metal + rustic wood look, but feel free to amp up the color game in your mudroom by spray-painting the wire baskets or wood!


And yes, that IS an avocado hat ;)


wire baskets

– wood

over-the-door hook

– zip ties

– screws

– picture hangers

– stainless steel strips

– wood stain


– hacksaw

– hammer

– nail

– scissors

– screwdriver


1. Stain your piece of wood, let dry.

2. Use the hacksaw to remove the “over-the-door” hinge from the over-the-door hanger.

3. Cut two-inch strips from the stainless steel. Use the hammer and nail to make holes on either end.

4. Evenly space the baskets on the wood and screw in place using the stainless steel brackets.

5. Attach the over-the-door hanger to the baskets using zip ties.


Get your tool belt out!


Stain the wood to give it a rustic finish. Add a couple layers of stain to achieve a darker look.


I’m not going to lie – this step was difficult. I ended up having Chris, our photographer, saw off the ends for me. I suggest finding a hanger that doesn’t have an over-the-door component or one that uses screws instead of being soldered on.


Volià! Thanks Chris! If you can find one that looks just like this, that is perfect!


Cut 2-inch strips of stainless steel and use a hammer and nail to create holes in either end. These will be your brackets. You’ll want to make six of them. If your baskets have handles on them, remove them please.


Place your baskets evenly on your wood and attach with brackets and screws.


Three little piggies all dressed in stainless steel.


Screw in pieces for your cubby to live on the wall.


Hack alert! Use zip ties to attach your over-the-door hanger. And YES, this will hold all the weight you want.


Cross the zip ties for extra support.


We are obsessed.


This will transform your mud room into an organized dream. If you don’t have kiddie art work to decorate, we suggest these bright whimsical prints from Britt Brass Tunner.


Have three kids? Choose a piece of wood that will fit three baskets. Each kid can claim their cubby to hold their gloves, hats, and sunglasses.


Hooks on the bottom are great for hats, helmets, coats, and backpacks!


Throw towels and extra pieces on the top shelf. Maybe store pieces that you don’t want sticky hands touching ;)

Could you see yourself using this piece? Where else would you display it besides in a mud-room? Tell us in the comments below!