Here at Brit + Co it’s no secret that we’re all about incorporating as much creativity into your life as possible. We know that aiming to make a new creation every day is not exactly practical (although we’re trying it out for the entire month of January), but what about making an effort to do something as simple as doodle more? You can do it on the bus, while you’re eating lunch or even during a meeting. But what about when you find yourself stumped as to what to draw? Well then it’s a good thing that British artist Moose Allain has forever solved that problem.

Moose Allain and The Guardian have some great ideas on how to create some epic drawings, all sparked by a splash or two of ink. Scroll down to check out some of the highlights from The Guardian’s piece, and head over their article for the full set of witty illustrations.

Whether you try out this technique yourself or showing it to your kids (might we suggest both?), it’s a super fun and easy way to get those creative juices flowing.

Try out this fun doodling idea and share your creations with us over on Twitter!