You come home after a long day at work, make yourself some dinner, and finally settle down in front of the TV to catch up on Scandal. Problem is, you can’t seem to find the right remote. When you finally do, you’re stuck jiggling between channels, figuring out what systems need to be on, and constantly adjusting sound to match everyone’s needs. It’s exhausting and tedious. Thankfully, someone is finally doing something about it.

AnyMote, which has reached full funding thanks to Kickstarter is a universal remote for your electronics including your TV, computer, sound system, gaming devices and more. The device uses Bluetooth technology to connect to all the gadgets in your room, then puts your smartphone, and you, in control.

The device works with an impressive array of providers and models. You can even set up macro commands for specific tasks. For example, you could make sure that if your phone rings, everything around you is automatically muted until you end the call.

No more pausing, fiddling around with phones and remotes and then doing the same once you want to dive back into your entertainment. How’s that for a multi-purpose tool?

Would you use this one-for-all device? Tell us how you’d control your devices with this remote in the comments below!