While we love all the new and innovative ways gaming has evolved in the past decade or so, it would be impossible not to appreciate things like smartphones, tablets, and Wii consoles without paying homage to the games and gadgets that started it all. And now, you can get your nostalgia on in a big way by actually turning your iPad into 5 of the most classic geeky gaming gadgets around.

1. iPad Arcade Cabinet ($70): iCade is the ultimate in retro arcade goodness. Slide your iPad into the cradle and it uses Bluetooth to connect to the iPad and then let the Battlezone, Centipede, and Tempest games begin!

2. Pinball Magic for iPhone ($10) + iPad ($40): An iPad would make a perfect pinball machine! And for those who love things even more mini, an iPhone happens to make a great pinball machine too, thanks to the Pinball Magic “(app)cessory.” Unfortunately, the iPad version is currently unavailable… but we’re hoping they restock in time for Christmas!

3. The iPad Foosball Table ($100): Hot on the scene as of just a few days ago, the iPad Foosball Table is already taking the cake when it comes to morphing your iPad into something else. Equipped with 8 two-axis control rods that can support up to 4 players, this combines the physical fun of foosball with the portable and digital goodness of your iPad. Amazing.

4. iPad Atari Arcade ($60): Like the iCade, this connects via Bluetooth and is complete with a joystick, classic arcade buttons, and loads of compatible apps. Asteroids, here we come!

5. Etcher Etch A Sketch (concept): Yes there are a quite a few Etch A Sketch-inspired iPad cases around, but do any of them have knobs that actually work? No… until the Etcher! We wrote about this a while back when it was looking for funding over on Kickstarter, and was sadly unsuccessful. Stay tuned for more on the Etcher, as we still think it’s totally awesome. And if you just want the look of the Etch A Sketch, head to ThinkGeek.

What fun gadgets have you seen for transforming iPads or other devices into retro games? Share your finds with us in the comments below.