What Do You Think of Ariana Grande’s Brand New ‘Do?
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What Do You Think of Ariana Grande’s Brand New ‘Do?

Attention everyone: It appears as though Ariana Grande’s hair is not permanently stuck in a high pony. The pop singer, who is usually spotted in her perky trademark updo took to Instagram last week to share that she traded her golden locks for a deeper, chestnut shade. We must say, we’re kind of loving the sultry new color.

Ariana is definitely rocking the dark hair, but to be fair to the pop star, she’s kind of been killing it in the hairstyle game throughout all of 2014. From a leopard hat to Princess Leia buns, she’s never afraid to try something new, and you have to commend her for that. Here are a few of our favorite looks we’ve spotted on the crooner this year:

Kitty Kat Hat: Ariana Grande’s spirit animal? Most definitely a kitty cat. (via @arianagrande)

Braided Buns: Taking the whole half-up top knot trend to a whole new level, she rocks not only one, but two braided buns. (via @arianagrande)

Diva Ponies: You know, just casually chilling with Nicki and Jessie J. So uh, can we join in on this high pony party? (via @arianagrande)

Are you thinking about dyeing your hair for the new year? What shade are you going for? Share with us in the comments!