Indeed, the younger sister of Jessica Simpson has kept a low profile over the past few years. But every now and then, when she decides to share of piece of herself, she makes us go la la (on the kitchen, on the floor!). Recently the long-on-hiatus (possibly forever?) singer uploaded a snap of a Chanel bag her husband Evan Ross gifted her and it’s one of the best push presents you’ve ever seen. Ladies, it’s time to drop some serious hints to your partner.

ashlee simpson

The newlyweds, who got married at Diana Ross’ Connecticut estate last August (yes, the disco diva is his mother!), are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their daughter. And what better way to celebrate than with a gift?! In anticipation of their first child together — Ashlee has a son with ex-husband Pete Wentz, six-year-old Bronx Mowgli — the Hunger Games star and obviously excited dad-to-be presented the Autobiography singer with a limited-edition Chanel Graffiti Messenger 2015 Green Cross Body Bag as a push present. For those who don’t know, a push present is a gift that, historically, a father gives to a mother to honor the birth of their child together pre- or post-delivery (a total 21st-century tradition). While we’d be pumped about any Chanel bag coming our way, Ashlee is excited for other reasons. She shared how she is planning on using the Chanel bag on Instagram by writing “Baby bag heaven.” #BestDiaperBagEver

ashlee simpson

Though the couple has shared they are having a daughter and have decided on a baby name, they are withholding that detail until the little lady arrives. But Evan told People the name they landed on is “unique” and that we will “figure out the story behind it once we tell the name.” Way to make us live in the shadows until then, Evan.

What are your thoughts on push presents in general and the one Evan got for Ashlee? Share all your feelings in the comments.

(Photos via Michael Kovac/Getty + @ashleesimpsonross)