Spring brides, we’ve got some major news: Your wedding dress hunt just got a whole lot easier, because our favorite fast fashion brand ASOS just announced they’re launching a bridal line. We repeat: a bridal line (!!!).

The UK retailer — which has long been our go-to destination for everything from fall shoes to that perfect holiday dress — rolled out an affordable bridesmaid line back in April, so this only seems like a natural extension. The new bridal collection is set to launch in March of 2016 and will include 18 pieces starting at £60 ($91) for a tulle skirt and peaking at £250 ($380) for a dress.

And the best part? There is something for everyone. Whether you’re a classic sort of bride looking for an Audrey Hepburn-inspired number, a boho gal looking for something Free People-esque or a lady in search of a low-key ensemble to match the vibe of your civil ceremony, you’re bound to find a dress that matches your personality.

With an aim to be your one-stop bridal shop, ASOS will also be launching bridal shoes and accessories in tandem with the apparel. There is something super fun and traditional about going to the bridal store with all your friends and trying on a bunch of super expensive dresses, but there is also something pretty great about saving an extra $2,000 that you can put toward a magical honeymoon.

What look is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via ASOS, @youyourwedding, h/t Vogue UK)