The season of giving is upon us, and that includes making and buying holiday gifts for your loved ones, especially the children in your life. As DIY experts and aficionados, we are constantly making and pinning baby projects. In fact, you might say we’ve got babies on the brain over here, what with all of our baby name posts and tutorials. Today, in partnership with JOHNSON’S®, we are bringing you a DIY project to make for your little one that will keep them entertained and also act as a teaching tool. According to Save the Children, if reading begins in the early years, long before children enter first grade, children are far more likely to become skilled readers.

That’s why we’re supporting JOHNSON’S® to give all kids an equal start. In the days leading up to #GivingTuesday on December 1, JOHNSON’S® and Save the Children® are launching a social movement to raise awareness for this cause. Check out the video below to see what they are up to.

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A key component to early childhood development is learning to recognize family members and associating names with faces. A family ABC activity book is the perfect visual and creative aid to help teach your children these important lessons. Follow along for the tutorial and help us support the happy, healthy development of babies everywhere.


And now on to the tutorial!


– blank notebook

– adhesive white board paper

– fabric

– stencils

– alphabet stickers


– dry erase markers

– markers

– scissors

– double-sided tape

– washi tape

– hot glue gun

– Velcro Wafer Thin Fasteners


Gather your supplies and get making!


First, cover your notebook with fabric. Cut out a piece that will wrap over the front and back sides of the notebook. Then secure them with hot glue. Take a second piece of fabric, iron the edges to create a hem, and then secure this piece to the inner flap of the notebook to cover the rough edges of fabric from the cover wrap. Do the same thing to the back flap.


Next, create a label for the cover of your book. Add a second smaller piece of fabric to the front, hemming the edges with hot glue. Use a stencil to create a title on the fabric. You can use fabric pens, but other pens like paint pens and Sharpies will also work well.


After you finish the cover, add a pen pocket on the back of the book with an additional piece of fabric. Apply glue around three edges of the fabric, then adhere it to the book, pinching a tiny bit of fabric to ensure there is enough room for the pens to slip inside the pocket. Attach a piece of Velcro to the lip of the pocket and press it down on the book so that the opposite side of the Velcro is perfectly lined up.


Now it’s time to get really creative! Cut out photos and adhere them to the left side of the pages with double-sided tape. Add an alphabet sticker using the letter that corresponds to the person (or animal) in the photo. In this case, S is for Skylar :) Decorate your page and write the name to aid your little reader in learning both the letters and words.


On the opposite page, add a piece of adhesive white board paper. Outline it with washi tape if your notebook pages are also white. Write both the capital and lowercase letter on the page so that your child can copy them on the white board.


G is for great, and the great thing about this book is that your kids can practice over and over using dry erase pens on the white board.


Fill all of your pages, one for every letter of the alphabet.


Your kids will LOVE this activity book, and they’ll learn so much! Such a thoughtful gift.


What other activity books have you created for your little ones? Share your projects with us using the hashtags #britstagram and #iamcreative. Also, don’t forget to download the Donate a Photo app and share your baby photos using the hashtag #SoMuchMore in support of early education programs for children all over the world.

This post is a collaboration with JOHNSON’S®.

DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden

Photography: Kurt Andre