The Bachelorette’s Rachel Lindsay was in meet-the-parents mode for this week’s episode, which had plenty of cringe-worthy and eyebrow-raising moments. But while we continue to watch what went down months ago, she’s living life these days as a happily engaged woman who’s “so in love.” And fortunately for us, she’s fully willing to dish up the deets about her secret dates with her fiancé.

Rachel Lindsay at the ESPYs

Lindsay told E! in a new interview that her current long-distance relationship is “definitely hard,” as she’s only able to see her fiancé “every couple of weeks” while the show is on the air. We know how hard long-distance relationships can be, so huge props to Lindsay and her fella for making it work. For them, that means staying in touch electronically, with Lindsay saying, “We talk every day, we text, we FaceTime.”

They do get some real face time too. “We have secret meetings where we see each other,” she revealed. And though she didn’t go into where those meetings take place or what they’re like, we can certainly dream up a few swoon-worthy scenarios.

Unfortunately, those in-person dates are few and far between. As Lindsay said, “It’s never enough!” But with just three men remaining and the finale inching ever closer, she can take comfort in the fact that she and her fiancé will be able to share their love with the world soon enough.

In the meantime, they’re watching their romance unfold on TV, just like everyone else. “My fiancé wants to watch everything. Like, everything. Everything!” Lindsay told E! News. “He wants to be well-informed, which is hard for me! We’re not really together all the time, but we both watch everything. So after Mondays, I have some explaining to do. We talk about it, we get over it, we move on.”

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(h/t E!; photo via Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)