Summer is coming, and we’re PUMPED! Time to get your backyard ready for some much needed hang time with good friends soaking up that sunshine. We’re here to help you do just that. Using the super sturdy, yet affordable IKEA KNAGGLIG boxes, we crafted three outdoor essentials for your next backyard dinner party. With these nifty boxes, you can get the party going with an outdoor bar, keep your guests entertained with some good ol’ fashioned outdoor games, and serve up a giant spread with a sit-down dinner table.

Standing Outdoor Bar

You’ll definitely get to maximize your time in the sun when you can prepare your drinks al fresco. This standing bar is so easy to make and super handy for all of your outdoor party needs.

Material and Tools:


  1. Unwrap all the pieces to the IKEA boxes. Paint each wood piece with the desired paint color. Let dry.
  2. Paint sealant. Let dry.
  3. Screw boxes together. One change we made for this hack is to flip the bottom wood piece so that all of the outsides are flat. This is so when you screw two boxes together, they’ll be as flush as possible. Screw together the boxes in each corner with ¾-inch screw, so they create a cubby on either side.
  4. Once you have 6 pairs of screwed-together boxes, stack two side by side and screw those together. You should have four boxes screwed together. Do the same thing for the second level and the third level. Eventually, you’ll want a two by three box stand.
  5. Once your boxes are assembled and screwed together, spread a fair amount of liquid nail glue on the top surface. Place your piece of tile or countertop surface and press firmly on the glue. Let sit for a few minutes to dry before moving.
  6. Since we painted ours white, we painted the sides with a pop of color after assembled.
  7. Add in your bar condiments, drinks, and decorations. You’re ready to go!

It’s perfect for holding your booze and making a tasty cocktail or two.

We’ll drink to that — cheers!

Backyard Floor Tables

Dining al fresco is much needed in the summertime, but not everyone has the resources for a nice outdoor dining set. That’s why we love this IKEA hack to create a low floor table (who needs chairs, anyway?). It can seat a large group with plenty of space for an epic food spread.

Materials and Tools:


  1. Repeat steps 1–3 from above
  2. Lay out a drop cloth and place your doors on top. Paint with rollers and let dry. You can wait until the table is finished to paint the edges.
  3. Once paint is fully dry, paint a layer of sealant on so these bad boys can stay outside.
  4. Once the sealant is dry, turn the tables over and place two boxes at each corner and drill them into the door.
  5. Flip the tables right side up and you’re done!

Grab some pillow and blankets, and get cozy. You’ll also want to consider those that need a little additional support and provide some seating with backing as well.

When it’s time to set the table, you’ll want to make sure it’s a stunna!

Bean Bag Toss Lawn Game

You’re always gonna need entertainment at a dinner party, so why not bring out a little friendly competition. This simple and fun bean bag toss is just the thing.

Materials and Tools:


  1. We used the bigger versions of the KNAGGLIG boxes, but the smaller size would work as well. Assemble your boxes per the IKEA instructions.
  2. Paint the desired edges and sides that you would like to show color. You can also paint the whole box one color, but we suggest doing that before you assemble.
  3. Let paint fully dry and then apply a layer of sealant with a paintbrush.
  4. Let dry and then screw 3 boxes together in any shape.
  5. Set the boxes at least five feet apart and start tossing those bean bags!

It’s not as easy as it looks! But that doesn’t mean your friends won’t want to give it a try :)

Now that you have all the food, drinks, and entertainment done, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

Summertime allows for the most colorful spread.

There’s always something tasty to make.

Time to eat! We hope you enjoy outdoor dinners all summer long. We know we will!

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DIY Production + Styling: Anita Yung, Marianne Koo + Lindsay Saito

Photography: Brittany Griffin

Models: Kacey Hadick, Anita Yung, Marianne Koo + Lindsay Saito