Disney is going hard on creating live-action remakes of their most beloved films. They鈥檝e already done a few classics like Cinderella and Jungle Book but there are a handful of others currently in the pipeline. One we鈥檙e not-so-patiently waiting for: Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson as Belle.

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A few months back Disney shared a teaser trailer for the remake that was VERY teaser-like. Since then we haven鈥檛 heard or seen much about the upcoming film, but yesterday Jack Morrissey, the film鈥檚 co-producer decided to share a few stills from the production and hot damn. It looks kind of incredible.

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Morrissey鈥檚 three new screen grab offer a glimpse of the iconic Gaston number, our friends Cogsworth and Lumiere and Dan Stevens as the Beast. The frames are stills from a 鈥淪neak Peek鈥 segment that will accompany the animated film鈥檚 25th-anniversary edition DVD which is set to be released next month. Clever marketing there, Disney.

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Now, if Disney could just drop the full trailer for us to watch 10,000 times that would be grrrreat.

(Photos via Jack Morrissey/Disney and @joshgad)