Ah, beauty hacks: It’s hard not to love them, whether they’re coming from celebs like Kylie Jenner or Sophia Bush, or just from good old mom. Anything that makes our lives easier, quicker or more efficient is a force of good! But it’s especially awesome when they’re so crazy that they’re genius, like this lipstick hack from beauty vlogger Arzo of @oliveskinbeauty.

This Canadian beauty has a DIY lipstick trick that you seriously won’t be able to look away from, and she uses the most unusual thing to help her accomplish it: Scotch Tape. Here’s how she gets perfect lips every time — she literally tapes around the edge of her lips and colors between the lines. Tape, swipe, peel. It’s that easy!

You won’t be able to look away as she does it over on her Instagram account, where she’s also got some other pretty wacky tips that work (how about putting onion juice on your pimples!??). You can also check out her longer videos on YouTube. Arzo, you are our beauty hack hero.

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(Featured Image via @oliveskinbeauty)