We all know that it’s important to stay hydrated by guzzling down our daily H2O requirement — this has been drilled into our brains since childhood for good reason. Those eight glasses help our bodies stay healthy and keep our minds operating at their full potential even though it’s often easier said than done (in which case you need THIS). While those health benefits from our eight-glass-a-day habit are super important, there are also some notable beauty benefits that come with a special type of water that packs more promise than your typical still, tap or sparkling options. Getting more beautiful while getting your daily water requirement handled? Sign us up.


*Beauty waters* are here to enhance our appearances from the inside out — don’t you feel revived and refreshed already? These game-changing waters come in a bunch of different forms — from collagen to cactus water (prickly spikes not included) — and are all jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients that’ll have you looking and feeling your very best. It’s basically like taking a beauty vitamin in liquid form, and honestly, the more good-for-your-skin ingredients you’re ingesting, the better. Check out eight of the best beauty waters that you and your complexion will drink right up.


1. 1907 Water ($38 for a 24-pack): Those whose bodies are in need of a bit of balance will enjoy this naturally high-alkaline water. The water balances our body’s acidity levels, helping to eliminate the negative effects on our body caused by lack of sleep or a poor diet. Basically, this water is a clean slate that’ll help give your body a natural boost on the go.

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2. Caliwater Cactus Water ($35 for a 12-pack): Show your complexion a little love with this locally sourced cactus water. The water contains five naturally occurring essential electrolytes, which help both revive and hydrate your skin from within.


3. All Beauty Water ($35 for a 12-pack): What could be a better beauty-booster then a mixture of specially chosen nutrients and vitamins? These waters come in a variety of flavors, each bottle containing the benefits of two cups of water as well as a burst of skin-loving vitamins.


4. Waiakea Volcanic Water ($38 for a 24-pack): Fitness-loving gals will enjoy this ultra-hydrating volcanic water. Each bottle is conveniently sized and rich in natural electrolytes and minerals, making it a great option to chug while working out.


5. Sakara Beauty Water ($16 each): In case you couldn’t tell from the fancy bottles, this water means business. The aptly named Beauty Water infuses pure spring water with rose oil and silica, ingredients that provide a plethora of benefits such as boosting your metabolism and providing deep cellular hydration. The result is a happier, more glowing complexion.

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6. Juice Press Aloe Water ($3 each): Aloe is a bit of a beauty hero both when applied topically and taken internally. Aloe water consists of four parts water to one part aloe, allowing your body to get some much-needed H2O with the added benefit of a healthy digestive system. Not only will this make you feel great, but it will leave your complexion completely luminous as well.


7. Vita Coco Coconut Water ($2 each): Coconut water has been everywhere these past few years, and with good reason. Not only is this tasty treat a great source of hydration, but the water is also a wonderful source of vitamins.


8. Vertical 100% Pure Maple Water ($3 each): Maple water? Sign us up! This water not only tastes as sweet as it sounds, but is also jam-packed with nutrients inside of a completely sustainable bottle.

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(Featured photo via Sakara)