There are a couple of things we know you look forward to every Saturday + Sunday: sleeping in, weekend-long Netflix binges and, of course, reading our roundup of the best apps of the week. This week’s selection contains an app that will help you FINALLY get your finances in order, one that will make you an expert in art history and more. Take a look below at this week’s top five choices and get DLing. Happy Saturday!


1. Albert: We could all use a little help with our finances. Albert is a brand-new app that works on the premise that finance shouldn’t be filled with jargon and mind-bending philosophies. (FINALLY!) The app makes real-life recommendations like “Pay off your credit card” or “Get insurance” and tells you exactly how to do so. It will make getting a loan, setting a budget or setting yourself up for retirement super easy.

DL It: Free on iOS


2. Magnus: This app markets itself as the “Shazam for art.” It’s a premise so great that it’s hard to believe that we are JUST getting this ability. You point your phone at a piece of art you really like and the app will tell you everything you need to know about the piece: The artist, the medium, size and — if you’re in the market — price. The app will even recommend nearby galleries and museums to check out similar works. It only works in New York, London and Berlin for now.

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3. Larynx: Right up the alley of anyone who loves sending voice messages, Larynx lets users send internet content with their voice. So, say you find an adorable cat pic or a hilarious meme, you can send it straight to your buds with a recording of your voice or maybe even your laughter. It’s a fun new way to personalize how you share what you find.

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4. Banter!: Few nightlife experiences are worse than an overcrowded bar, except maybe a completely empty bar when you’re in the mood to party. Banter! is an app that lets users see what’s happening in bars around them to know exactly who is partying where. You can add your friends or favorite spots to your newsfeed to see what’s going on tonight and never worry about FOMO ever again.

DL It: Free on iOS and Android


5. Hyperkey: As we all know, texting is no longer just for text. No 21st century conversation is truly complete without at least one gif or emoji. But controlling all the multimedia that goes into your texting can get cumbersome. Which is why we’re thankful for Hyperkey. The new app puts gifs, emoji, stickers, sounds and sketchpad all within one keyboard on your phone, making it so much easier and faster to add some quirk to your convo.

DL It: Free on iOS

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