Some weekends are made for dashing from your workout to a baby shower to girls’ brunch and then out for the evening with your boo in your brand new statement necklace. Other weekends demand a more relaxed pace, where your bed and a full Netflix queue are the only two items on your agenda. Whether you’re re-watching House of Cards to prepare for the upcoming new season (March 1!) or checking out the new Judd Apatow vehicle Love, you’ve got to outfit yourself with all the proper binge-watching essentials.


1. Liddabit Sweets Chocolate Dipped Sea Salt Caramels ($10): Aside from figuring out the best show to watch, finding the perfect snack to munch on is the most crucial piece of the Netflix weekend puzzle. And it doesn’t get better than chocolate-dipped sea salt caramels. They’re sweet and salty and as addicting as Making a Murderer.


2. Cocktail Party Kit by Rent the Runway ($32): You’ll need a Don Draper-approved cocktail to sip on while you get your Mad Men fix. Get recipe inspo from the mixology guide and have fun personalizing the glasses before your bestie comes by.


3. White Whale Mob Man Rye Whiskey Mixer ($11): Lately our mixer of choice has to be this one from White Whale that’s perfect for Manhattans. Sweet and a little tart, it gives just the right amount of edge to your favorite whiskey.


4. Bad Ass Candles You’re Soy Amazing Candle ($18): A cozy environment is key when you’re getting down with some serious Netflix time. Candles help set the mood and this bad boy burns for 50 hours. That’s the length of the first two seasons of Gossip Girl (a measure of time we think should be used more often).


5. Make Collaboration Prop Laptop Stand ($16): Cozying up in bed is our favorite way to get our binge-watching on. This laptop stand will keep your computer from getting too hot perched on top of your duvet. Plus it puts the computer at the perfect angle for prime pillow watching.


6. Jumping Jack Jack Mom Life Sweatshirt ($34): Mom life or Netflix life: Either way this comfy sweatshirt lets everyone know exactly where your weekend priorities lie. It has that elusive worn-in vintage feel and a flattering scoop neck, so you can watch the first season of Master of None in style.


7. Bonnie and Neil Splash Flouro Orange Pillow ($63): Not only will this hand-painted pillow add a bright pop of color to your viewing room of choice, but it will also provide your bod with some much-needed back support while you’re fully engrossed in The Great British Baking Show.


8. Brit + Co Modern Crochet Kit ($39): Who says watching Netflix all weekend can’t be productive? Not us! Crochet a cute and colorful basket for your #shelfie while you get your Chelsea Does on.

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