Last week, we asked you what your go-to sites were when you hit the afternoon lull. We checked out all the boredom busters you sent in and let’s just say… it was hard to pull ourselves away! Some of our faves like Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, and HuffPo obviously made the list, but here are the 10 others that stood out. Some we’ve been addicted to for a while, some are new finds, all are great ways to kill some downtime.

1. Mental_floss: Get a little geeky in your free time with this site packed full of fascinating facts, quizzes, and trivia. It’s fun, but will also stretch your brain a little, and you might just learn something new! It’s also perfect for beefing up your knowledge base before your next trivia night.

2. Colossal: This one’s a must-see for design nerds. Featuring cool art, design, and photography projects, Colossal is sure to get your creative juices flowing before you head back to the drawing board.

3. SF Girl by Bay: A blogger from our own city of San Francisco, Victoria Smith writes about topics like interior design and lifestyle. Her aesthetic is “bohemian modern style” and we’re loving the pretty and unique feel of her site.

4. Orisinal: Cute and whimsical games with fun background music, this collection of activities could keep you entertained for hours. We highly recommend NOT heading here if you’re on a deadline because you’ll definitely want to spend some time here.

5. HonestlyWTF: One of our favorite blogs, this fashion-forward site features DIYs and style and design spreads that have us swooning. It’s a great place to catch up on the latest trends and find out what’s new in the world of fashion, while also allowing you to make some cool stuff yourself!

6. The Beauty Department: The acronym might be TBD but one thing that has been decided is that this site is a great go-to for hair and makeup tips and tricks. Whether you’re looking for product recommendations or detailed tutorials for a specific look, you’ll find it all here.

7. Procatinator: This site is awesome in its simplicity. It serves up a cat GIF (you really didn’t think we’d make this whole list sans cats, did you?) and a song. It’s weird and wonderful and we think we’re in love.

8. This Is Why I’m Broke: This site, which calls itself “The Internet’s Mall,” is a collection of the most wacky and wonderful products on the web. This is a great source to find products that you didn’t know you needed, although definitely might give your credit card a workout.

9. Buzzfeed: This one’s quickly becoming a classic and it’s no surprise why. Serving up fun lists in categories as diverse as entertainment and tech, Buzzfeed’s a rabbit hole. You follow a link from a friend’s Facebook and end up reading about 10 articles before coming up for air.

10. Calming Manatee: Need a little boost to get you pumped up for the rest of the afternoon? This calming manatee is an adorable and hilarious way to immediately get your groove back.

Got any other great boredom-busting sites we should know about? Share them with us in the form below.