Putting together this roundup of spooktacular Halloween DIYs gave us chills! From creepy crawly spiders to apothecary jars containing who knows what, there are tons of ways to haunt your house for the holiday. We’ll be sharing our own spooky decorating and party ideas starting next week, but to get you started here are our 20 favorite creepy ideas from around the…Web.

Spider Pinata

1. Spider Piñata: The crepe paper fringe on this guy makes for a super hairy, super scary spider. Make sure you don’t have any arachnophobes attending your party! (via Oh Happy Day)

Vampire Pumpkins

2. Fanged Pumpkins: This is an oldie, but we still love the mini Dracula pumpkins. We might try the added touch of painting his fangs red. (via Martha Stewart)

3. Apothecary Jars: Upcycling for the win! These jars are made from 2-liter soda bottles. Genius and so affordable! (via Seeing Things)

Cross Stitch

4. Cross-Stitch Canvases: If cross-stitch isn’t your thing because the tiny stitches takes forever to finish, try this jumbo version. We love the spider and skull. Add a pumpkin on orange for a spooky triptych. (via Decor Hacks)

Spider Web

5. Yarn Spider Web: What a clever idea to have a tangled spider web strung up in a frame? We’re all caught up in this easy DIY. (via Dana Made It)

Tin Can Luminaries

6. Tin Can Luminaries: The best thing about these luminaries, as opposed to jack-o’-lanterns, is that you can use them again year after year. (via Jolly Mom)

Chicken Wire Ghost

7. Chicken Wire Ghost: For those of you with larger yards, we love these chicken wire ghosts. They’ll definitely make trick-or-treaters do a double take! (via Wacky Archives)

Knitted Candy Corn

8. Knitted Candy Corn: If you’re a knitter, this is is the perfect Halloween DIY. Don’t they look sweet enough to eat? Can we get one in beanie form, please? (via The Purl Bee)

Paranormal Portraits

9. Paranormal Portraits: These spooky portraits are easily made with photo copied photos and string lights. Bonus points if you put the lights on a remote control to light up when guests are nearby. (via Country Living)

10. Spooky Hoops: Use iron-on transfers to make these spooky hoops. They can easily be swapped out with other designs when Halloween is over. (via The Graphics Fairy)

Pumpkin Wreath

11. Mini Pumpkin Wreath: Mini pumpkins are surprisingly easy to attach to a wire wreath form. You can go monochromatic or mix it up with white and orange. (via Armelle Blog)

Glowing Ghosts

12. Glowing Ghosts These ghoulish balloons are just the thing to light the way down the halls in your haunted house. Just stick an LED inside. Hang them in the windows to give passers-by a chill! (via Martha Stewart)

Magnetic Spiders

13. Magnetic Spiders: Turn plastic spider rings into a swarm that’s straight out of Harry Potter’s Forbidden Forest. (via Delia Creates)

Glowing Masks

14. Glowing Masks: Pick up a few extra masks at the costume store and turn them into eerie, glowing faces on your wall. Bonus points if you add paper mache hands reaching out from the wall as well! Spook-town! (via Craftster)

Salad Spinner Art

15. Spider Web Spin Art: Remember marble spin art from when you were a kid? Make these chic graphic spider webs by using a salad spinner. Genius! (via Armelle Blog)


16. Skull Candelabra: Trick out a normal candelabra by adding a few foam skulls from the craft store. Then you can some fake spiderwebs for an even spookier effect. (via Dream Home DIY)

Bat Lamp

17. Full Moon Bat Lamp: Using a paper lantern to make this “full moon” is super easy. All you need to do is cut out a few paper bats and glue them on. (via A Bit of Sunshine)

Bone Wreath

18. Skeleton Wreath: You might earn the nickname of Bone Collector with this wreath, but it’ll look great hanging on your front door. (via Ready Set Craft)

Door Mat

19. Halloween Doormat: They say to never let a black cat walk in front of your path, but we’re hoping it’s okay to walk over one. (via April’s Craft Nest)

Eyeball Votives

20. Googly Eye Votives: With these spooky candle holders there’s someone or something watching you everywhere you go. Cue evil witch laughter. (via Real Simple)

What are your spookiest DIY decor ideas? Tell us in the comments and stay tuned for some of our own starting next week!