The time for resolutions may have long since come and gone, but you can choose to live a healthier, more well-balanced life any day of the year. Whether your goal is getting in some cardio outside the gym, focusing on a specific area, like getting thighs + buns of steel, or you simply want to sleep better every night, staying on top of your goals can be tough. Writing your goals and your progress along the way can be a major help for sticking to what you set out to do. We’re sharing six fitness journals that make reliving your sweat sessions and keeping track of your meal plans simple and stylish.


1. Erin Condren Wellness Journal ($6): This journal provides monthly charts where you can measure your weight, inches and progress, making it easy to set and keep goals. You can also track your water intake, record your steps or keep an eye on calories — whatever best fits your routine. Bonus feature: You can identify your target heart rate and measure your body mass with a helpful chart included on the back pages.


2. Fitlosophy Fitspiration Journal ($20): This super witty and trendy fitspiration journal is a 16-week fitness-meets-gratitude journal. It delivers a daily dose of inspiration, along with tips to live a fitter life. Nab this one for the serious goal getter in your life.


3. Believe I Am Journal ($20): Calling all runners: This journal was tailor made for you by two elite professional runners, Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas. It’s part diary and part workout log, and will keep you honest and motivated to run. Plus, the insightful essays and information on topics like competition mindset, training, recovery and more will have you informed too.


4. Daily Greatness Training Journal ($40): This colorful and bright journal inspires you to reach your full potential by setting a series of short and long-term health and wellness goals for a 12-week period. Think of it as your own personal trainer for the next three months. It’s filled with daily tips, inspirational quotes and encouragement to get you feeling your absolute best.


5. May Designs Health + Fitness Journal ($23): This 76-page health and fitness journal encompasses spaces for all the essentials of a healthy lifestyle: nutrition, exercise and water, plus it leaves plenty of space for goals, daily motivation and other notes. The clean format and simple font make it super user-friendly and fun to fill out. Oh, and did we mention you can personalize these beauties too?

lorna jane

6. Lorna Jane Active Living Planner ($35): This vertical flip planner is a 12-week healthy living challenge broken down into digestible, daily sections. Inspiring quotes, positive affirmation and room for progress notes are just a few of the key elements that make this planner the perfect accessory to kickstart your new healthy lifestyle.

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