Now that the snow is finally melting (or will be soon!), it’s time to dust off those sneakers and head outside for some outdoor workouts. We’re sharing our favorite activities that get us outside the walls of our gyms and into the fresh air for some fitness fun. Whether you’re dancing with friends or firing up a fitness app, try these calorie busters to get you back in the sun.

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1. Play Games: It’s totally possible to turn something fun into a workout. Skateboarding, bowling, tossing a frisbee and beach volleyball just barely scratch the surface of fun ways to work up a sweat. (Photo via Jeff Gross/Getty)

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2. Ski: Okay, so the snow might not be totally gone yet, but that just means you have a few more weeks of skiing to do. Skiing is actually one of the few sports that’s proven to boost your mood. (Photo via Sean Gallup/Getty)


3. Circuit Training: Alternating between cardio and strength training has serious calorie-burning advantages, and you don’t need a gym to do it. This outdoor circuit can be done anywhere. (Photo via Laura Doss/

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4. Rock Climbing: It’s a low-impact workout that can have serious benefits to your body. In addition to getting a great upper body workout, you can also burn up to 500 calories an hour. (Photo via Olie Scarff/Getty)


5. Park Workout: No need to spend your hard-earned cash at the gym if you’ve got access to a local park. This workout proves all you need is a curb, a bench, a half hour and a little motivation to get your workout on. (via Fitness Magazine)

6. Jump Rope: If you haven’t used a jump rope since your playground days, you’ve got some catching up to do. This workout incorporates some grown-up moves to improve on a childhood game. (via PopSugar)

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7. Underwater Workout: If you think you hate cardio, hit the water. Head to your nearest pool and follow these tips for a workout that feels a lot more like fun than fitness. (Photo via Paula Bronstein/Getty)

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8. Hike: It’s amazing what a little fresh air can do for your workout. Take in some local scenery and work up a sweat while you’re at it on a hike. (Photo via Taller de Imagen/Getty)

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9. Workout With Your Pet: Your pup is probably the best workout partner you could ever ask for. She’s always available and ready for anything. (Photo via Dan Kitwood/Getty)


10. Stair Intervals: If you can find an available stairwell, you can do some serious sweating sans gym. Find an indoor stairwell, and it’s the perfect workout for all seasons. (Photo via Cameron Spencer/Getty)

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11. Try a Regional Activity: What’s the most popular outdoor sport in your area? Paddleboarding? Surfing? Snowshoeing? Give it a shot and don’t be afraid to sweat a little while you do it. (Photo via Xulio Villarino/Getty)


12. Go for a Walk: Even though it doesn’t seem like much, a little walk is better than nothing. So even when you’re pressed for time or energy, don’t discount the power of a little jaunt around the block.


13. Try an App: When going to the gym isn’t an option, there’s an app for almost any workout you can imagine.

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14. Run: It sounds simple, but one of the best ways to get your heart rate up is to simply go on a run. No gym or equipment needed. Find a fun run coming up and get your friends, family or office involved. (Photo via Afton Almaraz/Getty)

What are your favorite ways to work cardio in without hitting the gym?