Okay, we admit it. Being able to control everything from our smartphones is making us feel a little power hungry. We want everything to happen at the tap of a button. Grocery shopping? Tap. Making dinner? Tap. Going to the doctor? Tap. We鈥檙e not there yet, but there is a way to simplify the little things in your life with no tapping necessary. By making our digital lives more intuitive the聽website/app IFTTT (If This Then That) is quickly becoming one of our favorite services.

The concept is simple. You can set up 鈥渞ecipes鈥 for your gadgets聽to have a reaction to a specified action. For example, if you want Waze to launch on your cellphone everytime you leave your house in the morning, you can do that. If you want to save your Facebook photos to Dropbox as soon as you post them, consider it done. It sounds like magic, but it鈥檚 a real thing that tons of people are using to simplify their lives. You can create or browse 鈥渞ecipes鈥 that use your iOS device, Android device, Nest Thermostat, FitBit, Google Calendar, Camera Roll鈥 and that鈥檚 just to name a few.

Making your own recipes or using other people鈥檚 is super simple. Just a few clicks. (If only food recipes were that easy.) We鈥檝e gathered a dozen of our faves to get you started on the path to a cleaner, more intuitive digital life.

1. Set the Temperature for Your Arrival聽(iOS聽and聽Android): Whether you like your pad nice and toasty when you get home from work or crisp and cool, your phone鈥檚 GPS can trigger your Nest Thermostat to turn on within a radius of your choosing. It鈥檚 kind of like having a live-in butler鈥 or something.

2. Toggle Wifi in Designated Areas (iOS聽or聽Android): Searching for nonexistent wifi can kill your battery fast. With this recipe, your phone will automatically turn it on when you鈥檙e at home and turn it off when you leave so you don鈥檛 have to wonder if it鈥檚 draining your power while looking for a connection that isn鈥檛 there any more.

3. Dress for Rain聽(via聽SMS): We鈥檙e pretty sure we鈥檒l get plenty of use out of this one. When tomorrow鈥檚 weather calls for rain, you鈥檒l get a text the night before saying,聽鈥淕et out the umbrella! Rain tomorrow.鈥 You鈥檒l never have to show up to work soggy again.

4.聽Text Someone When Leaving Work聽(iOS): Think about how many minutes we鈥檝e spent this year texting our BFs, BFFs, moms and roomies, 鈥淗ey, I鈥檓 headed home.鈥 Probably at least 100 minutes. Well don鈥檛 waste another minute. This auto-text recipe will do the typing and sending for you.

5. Set Your Latest Instagram as Your Wallpaper (Android): If you鈥檙e like us, you love changing out your phone鈥檚 wallpaper on a pretty regular basis. With this recipe, it鈥檚 as easy as gramming a new pic鈥 then blam! It鈥檚 your new wallpaper.

6.Save Tagged Facebook Photos: All of those photos people are tagging of you can automatically be saved in one place鈥 in case you decide to delete your Facebook or Mr. Zuckerberg cancels all accounts in a fiery rage.

7. Meet Your Fitbit Goals (iOS聽or聽Android): Before it gets too late in the day, let your phone remind you that you still have a few more reps to meet your Fitbit goal. If you set it to go off before you leave work, maybe you can take the stairs or do a couple laps around the parking lot before heading home.

8.聽Mute Device When You Get to Work (Android): Is there anything more embarrassing than your 鈥淪hake It鈥 ringtone going off in your morning meeting? Well, 鈥淗it Me Baby鈥 might be more embarrassing, but it鈥檚 better to avoid either of them altogether. With this recipe you no longer have to wonder if you鈥檝e silenced your phone at the offiice.

9. Log Work Hours聽(iOS): Don鈥檛 let time slip away from you. Get the real low down of how much time you鈥檙e spending at work by automatically logging it in a Google Spreadsheet when you arrive and leave. Even if you鈥檙e not paid hourly, this can give you incredible insight for your own time management.

10. Updates on Your Craigslist Search (via Email): If you鈥檙e looking for that perfect pink velvet tufted sofa, you don鈥檛 have to refresh Craigslist every minute. This recipe sends you an update when there鈥檚 a new post within your search terms.

11. Get Out of Dodge聽(via SMS): We can think of so many times when we could have really used this one. Simply text an automated number on your phone #helpme, and right away, you get a phone call from a robotic man on the other end saying,聽鈥淩ight now your friend is in dire need of鈥 well鈥 something.鈥 We 聽suggest using this one sparingly.

12.聽Make a Grandly Lit Entrance聽(iOS聽or聽Android): The guy who created this recipe promises it will shock and awe: 鈥淲hen I get home, the lights start turning colors. My kids think I鈥檓 magic.鈥 On a more practical note, you can just have the lights turn on when you鈥檙e almost home鈥 even if they don鈥檛 change colors.

What IFTTT recipe would you get the most use of? Let us know in the comments!