Rain season is upon us and, though we’re excited for what April showers will most certainly bring, it can be a drag to carry the same old black umbrella to and from work every day. Add a pop of color to those rainy days with our easy-to-make DIY Ombre Umbrella… AKA the Ombrella!

 Montana Black spray paint (blue, purple, pink)

Montana Gold Universal Plastic Primer
clear bubble umbrella
– painter’s tape

We used neon spray paint because we can’t get enough of neon! Ask your hardware store if they have the Montana Black brand but, if they don’t, pretty much any spray paint should work.

Cover your umbrella in primer. Then place your painter’s tape on to create a mosaic-like geometric pattern.

We decided on an ombre pattern starting with blue at the bottom of the umbrella, then to purple and finally pink. Start by spraying blue around the bottom third of your umbrella.

Continue up with purple, then pink.

Now it’s time to peel off that tape.

Hold your umbrella up to the sky. Though we love painter’s tape, you may have some slight imperfections and what not. You can try to spot fix right after the tape comes off, but we recommend just going with the flow :)

Of course, when we started this project it was raining but, by the time we took final photos, the sun was out!

And the sky decided to match us with its own bit of ombre action. So lovely.

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What are your favorite products and DIY projects for rain season? Tell us in the comments below.