Wakey, wakey, eggs and app-ys! It’s Saturday AM, which means we’re still in bed enjoying an extra snooze before yoga… yaaaawn, okay, brunch. Let’s all take a break from Instagram Like-ing and Facebook stalking to add some new distractions to our phones with one of these awesome apps. Still want to party like it’s TGI-Friday night? Just click here.

IFTTT: If This Then That is a service that helps you automate apps and actions on your device to teach your smartphone to be smarter about what you want and need it to do. You create “personal recipes” that include channels (Instagram, Facebook, Evernote, email) that offer different triggers and actions. Fill your phone with recipes like: If Instagram, Then Dropbox or, if you post a new photo to Instagram, you want all of your Instagram pics to be autosaved in a Dropbox folder. Then your phone will do that! Play with a weather channel: If Rain, Then Ping — if it’s going to rain that day, you get notified by 7:00am so you don’t forget your umbrella. Getting the hang of it? We could do this all day.

Cost: Free for (recently launched!) Android and iOS

SmartMom: Hey, ma! If you’ve ever wondered whether or not you reeeally need to drop $300 on an organic crib mattress, (sidenote: Good Q! DO YOU??) this is the app that will tell you. It’s a social network of parents sharing advice + asking and answering questions. Some are new to the family planning fun, while others are seasoned moms and pops. There’s incentive besides just lending a hand to your fellow mom — the most helpful members of the SmartMom community win prizes each month like diapers for a year, must-have toys or a baby stroller. Score!

Cost: Free for iOS

Pogoplug: It may look like we’re just texting emojis over here, but we’re actually wrestling with the cloud storage on our phone. This app gives you unlimited cloud space across all your devices: phone, tablet and computer, making it a handy download right before all of the photo opps and road trip playlists the summer is going to bring with it.

Cost: App is free to download, but the plan is $50 a year for unlimited storage— not free, but it’s a cheaper option than Dropbox, GoogleDrive, iCloud and pretty much anything else.

Acompli: Another week, another option to help get you to Inbox Zero. This time we’re talking sleek and solution-based, with an app that’s meant to help you manage your work email by staying one step ahead of you. Don’t dismiss it as just another mail app — Acompli has some cool tricks up its sleeves, like predictive search and the ability to build contact lists based on your email patterns. It also brings your calendar in so you can easily view it, share when you’re available and schedule meetings.

Cost: Free for iOS

5. Knotch: If you were the person who used MySpace, AOL and the WWW in general to answer quizzes and fill out surveys about yourself growing up, this is the app for you. Using Knotch’s color thermometer, you can share how you feel about a range of topics. Either weigh in on what others are talking about or share something you feel really “red” over. The app will even use common, color-full interests to suggest connections with other users on the platform.

Cost: Free for iPhone

BONUS!3D Custom Pizza Builder: Oh, are you a little queaz’ from inhaling that greasy piece-a pepperoni extra cheeze last night/um, early this morning? You officially have two days to get over your stuffed crust-induced nausea because Domino’s latest iPad app can be delivered to your device on Monday and will feature a 3D pizza builder so you know exactly what your ‘za will look like before you bust open that box.

Cost: Free, not including toppings.

What was your favorite app of the week? Give us the DL on what you DL-ed below!