Gut health聽has become one of the聽most talked about聽wellness topics, and gut聽imbalances have been linked to everything from obesity聽to anxiety and depression. There鈥檚 a reason why conversation around good and bad tummy health has increased, says聽Maggie聽Moon, registered dietician and author of聽The MIND Diet: A Scientific Approach to Enhancing Brain Function and Helping Prevent Alzheimer鈥檚 and Dementia聽($15). 鈥淕ut health and the microbiome is the next frontier of scientific exploration, so it鈥檚 trendy with good reason. It鈥檚 a very exciting area of study that is ripe with possibility as we learn new ways in which the complex bacterial populations our bodies host are integral to our health,鈥 she explains.

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How Can You Get Good Gut Health?

Optimal gut聽health essentially boils down to having good bacteria that properly digests food, destroys disease-causing bacteria, and produces vitamins to keep your system in balance.聽While much is still being聽researched, it鈥檚 suggested聽that聽not keeping your gut in check can聽correlate with unpleasant offenders like gas, heartburn, bloating, and IBS.

Certain foods, prebiotics, and probiotics are聽all ways to combat these less-than-ideal conditions.聽And while Moon鈥檚 favorite聽approach is to eat specific foods 鈥 like naturally fermented kimchi and polyphenol-rich blueberries聽鈥 she does聽recommend some over-the-counter solutions for similar gut-healing effects.聽Keep scrolling below聽for her suggestions.

5聽supplements to try

1.聽Nature Made Digestive Probiotics Daily Balance ($17):聽For those on a budget, this is one of the聽more affordable options available that聽actually聽works. According to Moon, 鈥渋t provides a bacterial strain that鈥檚 been studied for its ability to survive and thrive in the gut to promote the growth of good bacteria populations.鈥 With a 30-day supply, you鈥檒l have the perfect聽amount for a test-drive to try it out.

2.聽Regular Girl Starter Kit聽($20):聽Carrying pills around can be a pain.聽So聽Moon聽suggests this聽female-focused聽brand that provides on-the-go powder packets for relief from unwanted effects like excess gas, cramping, or bloating.

3.聽Klaire Labs Ther-Biotic Complete聽($45):聽Klaire Labs聽is a brand Moon trusts since they鈥檝e been around for decades聽and produce聽clinically proven products. She recommends this item in particular that she says is 鈥渁 hypoallergenic blend of 12 probiotic bacterial strains that is available in capsules if you just want to get your dose in, or in powder form for including in smoothies and soups.鈥

4.聽NOW Probiotic-10 ($16):聽This dairy-free option聽is great for vegans or lactose-sensitive probiotic seekers.聽It聽combines 10 strains of bacteria聽to promote a healthier GI tract and stronger immunity (a double whammy).

5.聽Uplift Food Daily Uplifter With Protein聽($35):聽Combine 10g of satisfying protein, probiotics, and prebiotic聽fiber into one smoothie-friendly powder, and聽you鈥檝e got聽this gut-health-boosting product. Moon is a fan of Uplift because 鈥渋t鈥檚 the world鈥檚 first dietitian-founded functional food brand to focus on the good mood benefits of a healthy gut.鈥 So聽be sure to scoop it up for better feels all around.

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