It was just last week that we showed you pics from 7th Heaven stars Beverley Mitchell and Jessica Biels’ mini reunion. As it turns out, the meet-up was a rather timely one: It was on this day, 20 years ago, that the show made its debut on the WB, ushering the Camdens into our hearts forever.

2/1/99 Los Angeles, CA Jessica Biel and the Cast of "7th Heaven" at the First Annual TV Guide Awards.

While Barry Watson also acknowledged the anniversary on his page, it was Beverley Mitchell who had us reeling in nostalgia right along with her, posting the most amazing ‘90s throwbacks on her Instagram page all week long and taking time out from her busy life as a mom of two to remember the show that started it all and thank her fans with the following passage:

“20 years ago today, the world met the Camdens and my life was changed forever,” she wrote. “I was given a gift, it was more than a dream come true, it changed my life in the most magical way. I was given a second family, I was given a true love for a character that I had the pleasure of going through life with. I am and always will be honored I was chosen to play Lucy Camden, it was my dream job on my dream show. To say I have been blessed is an understatement, I got to do what I love, playing a character I love, with the people I love and live a life bigger than I ever thought possible. Thank you Brenda Hampton for believing in me to play your beloved Lucy. Thank you to my cast for always being my rock, and the biggest thank you of all to all of the fans that went on this incredible journey with us and allowed us into your homes for over 11 years. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for giving me more than I can ever explain. I LOVE YOU ALL. Love, Bev AKA Lucy.”

She also let us in on quite a few show secrets (and photos!) in her series of blog posts, like, for example, the fact that both she AND Jessica had a crush on show sibling Barry back in the day (Gasp! — We won’t tell Justin!), or that one of her favorite memories from the show was the fight scene in which she wrestled with Jessica when Annie and Eric are renewing their vows.

She goes on to say that she and Jessica were pretty much BFF from the start, though she has a special place in her heart for all her onscreen-become-real-life siblings. “It is pretty hard to explain what these people mean to me, they were more than my coworkers, they were more than my friends, they truly became my family and no matter how much time passes or how long we go before seeing one another, one thing is certain: The bond that we share and the love that we have is always there.”

Geeeeeeezzzz, Lucy, way to get us feeling all mushy!

Check out the rest of her pics here.

Happy 20th anniversary, guys!

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(Photos via Matt Winkelmeyer + Brenda Chase/Getty)