It’s no secret that Beyoncé is a major trendsetter. Queen B has us copying her outfits, her hairstyle and even the food she tells us to eat (vegan delivery, anyone?). It turns out that Bey was affecting people way before we knew about ***Flawless by getting them to name their babies after her.

Okay, her and Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

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The Huffington Post shared a chart and infographic (below!) that suggests the name “Destiny” saw a huge resurgence in popularity as a result of Destiny’s Child’s success. The chart took data from the Social Security Administration, and shows that there was a spike in popularity of that name in 2001… the same year that Survivor dropped. That year there were almost 10,000 girls named Destiny. Here’s hoping they all grew up to be independent women!


This wouldn’t be the first time pop culture has majorly swayed a group of all the mamas who profit dollas. This Yahoo article shows that in 2014 babies were named after Teen Mom characters (IRONY AT ITS FINEST) and Miley Cyrus (whose birth name is ALSO Destiny — fun fact!).


These days, baby names seem to come from literature, or especially as of late, Disney. We guess in the end we’re lucky it was Bey’s second band that had the most influence; otherwise we would have a bunch of kids named “Girl’s Tyme.”

(h/t + infographic via Huffington Post, photos via Ezra Shaw and Christopher Polk/Getty + @beyonce)