Welcoming your little prince or princess is sure to be a magical event, especially when you choose a baby name inspired by your favorite Disney character. Whether it鈥檚 an iconic ice queen, lovable lioness, fire-breathing dragon or Caribbean crab jamming away under the sea, these names are epic and fun. Here, to capture your heart and help give your bundle the perfect fairytale future, we鈥檝e put together our top 40 picks for girls and boys. Find your fave, and get ready to live happily ever after.


Disney-Inspired Girl Baby Names

1. Belle: With a name this beautiful, your tiny princess will instantly enchant every last person she meets. Plus, now that a live-action Beauty and Beast movie is in the works, we think this magnificent moniker is totally on trend.

2. Tiana: While you hope she鈥檒l never actually kiss a frog, you can certainly help your own Tiana grow up to be as creative and ambitious as her animated namesake.

3. Ella: Just like Cinderella, your little girl is sure to be as lovely as her name.

4. Aurora: Even if she starts out as more of a night owl than an actual sleeping beauty, your precious Aurora will truly make you feel as if you鈥檙e living once upon a dream.

5. Merida: Think outside the box by naming your little girl after the adventurous, bow-and-arrow-toting heroine from Brave.

6. Jasmine: Long before she had flying carpets and magical genies going for her, Jasmine already had plenty to make us envious, including a cool pet tiger and shimmering, splendid name.

7. Elsa: One of Nameberry鈥檚 10 trending girl鈥檚 names for 2015, Elsa is a regal choice new parents refuse to let go.

8. Anastasia: Can鈥檛 imagine naming your little one after an evil stepsister? Go with Frozen-inspired Anna instead.

9. Wendy: A real trip to Neverland might be out of reach, but naming your daughter after Peter Pan鈥檚 friend is still a great way to let your imagination take flight.

10. Alice: Currently considered a royal baby name contender, Alice is a sweet and classy choice. Plus, don鈥檛 you just love the idea of an Alice in Wonderland-themed nursery or baby shower?

11. Ariel: What to name the girl who鈥檚 destined to become the most awesome part of your world? Ariel sounds just as amazing on dry land as it does under the sea.

12. Cleo: We know it might seem crazy to call your baby the same thing as Geppetto鈥檚 fish in Pinocchio, but with a name this delightful, how can you resist?

13. Charlotte: This classic makes our list thanks to Tiana鈥檚 pampered pal in The Princess and the Frog. Think it sounds a bit too formal? You can also use the character鈥檚 nickname, Lottie.

14. Jane: Whether you draw your inspiration from Mary Poppins or Tarzan, this simple name is sweeter than any spoonful of sugar.

15. Nora: Feminine without being too cutesy, the name Nora is inspired by one of our favorite characters from Pete鈥檚 Dragon. And just in case you were wondering, yes, we still remember all of the words to 鈥淐andle on the Water.鈥

16. Winnie: Even though Winnie the Pooh is, of course, a boy, we think this would be the perfect name for your sweet-as-honey little girl.

17. Kiara: Simba and Nala鈥檚 daughter chooses her own path in The Lion King 2: Simba鈥檚 Pride, and you can as well by selecting this uber-cool name.

18. Penny: Does the name Penny remind you more of TheBig Bang Theory than Disney鈥檚 classic film The Rescuers? Whichever Penny you love best, you simply can鈥檛 go wrong with this pretty, playful pick.

19. Shanti: Ever since she went to fetch the water, Shanti 鈥 whose name we learned in The Jungle Book 2 鈥 has held a special place in our hearts. Pay homage to Mowgli鈥檚 bestie by giving your babe her name.

20. Lily: Inspired by Peter Pan鈥檚 Tiger Lily, this light and lovely name is also a Harry Potter fan favorite.


Disney-Inspired Boy聽Baby Names

1. Elliott: Whenever there鈥檚 trouble, Elliott, the friendly, fire-breathing star of Pete鈥檚 Dragon, is always prepared to swoop in and save the day. Ready to welcome a future hero of your own? Looks like you just found the perfect name.

2. Clayton: Yes, we know Clayton鈥檚 the evil villain in Tarzan, but seriously, this name is way too endearing to leave off the list.

3. Naveen: Even if he isn鈥檛 a frog prince, your baby boy is still sure to score plenty of kisses, especially when grandma comes to town.

4. Andy: To infinity and beyond! We know Buzz and Woody would be the first to approve of another little boy named Andy.

5. Flynn: Inspired by Tangled, this name oozes adventure and offers a creative alternative to Finn.

6. Kristoff: Sorry, Olaf. This Frozen-inspired pick is the coolest boy鈥檚 name in all of Arendelle.

7. Sebastian: Celebrate the sea by naming your little dude after The Little Mermaid鈥檚 charming crustacean conductor.

8. Phillip: If ever there was a name fit for a prince, Phillip, of Sleeping Beauty fame, is definitely it.

9. Stefan: Not satisfied with naming your son after a prince? Choose kingly Stefan, the name of Aurora鈥檚 father in Sleeping Beauty.

10. Cody: Short, snappy and sweet, this name gives a subtle nod to The Rescuers Down Under.

11. Max: Despite being the name of Goofy鈥檚 son, Max is a timeless choice that鈥檚 far from silly.

12. Eric: Yup, another Little Mermaid-inspired pick. What can we say? It鈥檚 one of our favorite Disney movies and just full of great names, like this one.

13. Oliver: The only thing we love more than the cute orange kitty in Oliver + Company is his even cuter name.

14. Robin: While often thought of as a girl鈥檚 name, Robin 鈥 as in Robin Hood 鈥 is a unique choice for your baby boy.

15. Gus: Long before The Fault in Our Stars made the name Augustus popular, Cinderella鈥檚 mouse friend was making us laugh at all of his crazy antics.

16. Peter: Help your son stay forever young at heart by naming him after Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up.

17. Casey: We think you can, we think you can鈥 name your son after Dumbo鈥檚 famous Casey Jr. circus train.

18. Louis: Jazz things up with this regal-sounding pick that鈥檚 inspired by The Princess and the Frog鈥檚 trumpet-tooting gator.

19. Sullivan: Though he originally scared because he cared, Monsters, Inc.鈥檚 James P. Sullivan 鈥 aka Sulley 鈥 turned out to be one of the most lovable Disney characters of all time.

20. Russell: Admit it 鈥 Up made you cry. Still, if you love this heartwarming movie as much as we do, Russell is the perfect name to add to your short list.

What are your favorite Disney-inspired baby names? Share some charming ideas below.

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