In case you haven’t noticed, our shop has been in stealth mode recently. Why? Well, we’ve been hard at work creating a brand new experience for you.

The wait is over. Today, the new Brit + Co. Shop is here!

We’ve curated a marketplace of hundreds of our favorite makers, designers, and inventors to bring you thousands of inspiring, creative goods. From tools that help you make, to products that have been handmade, we have thousands of options to choose from across each of our core categories. From Tech and Style to DIY, we’ve got you covered!

There will be new items added to the shop every week, including exclusives available only on Brit + Co. We’re talking limited-edition goods, special discounts, co-created products, and even pre-orders of brand new items you can’t find anywhere else. (Read: Sign up for our email list, STAT.)

To start things off, we have seven exclusive project packs from littleBits, including a Birthday Candle Project Pack and a Keytar Project Pack. We’ve also created dozens of limited edition Brit + Co. prints just for Y-O-U.

Of course, your love for Brit Kits isn’t something we’ve forgotten. In fact, we’re hooking you up with several new kits for summer, including our newest stunner: a Laser Cut Statement Necklace Kit.

So why create a shop? If you’ve been following our site for awhile, you know we’re always on the hunt for the coolest and most creative stuff around. Today we’re taking that one step further by offering all of those products directly to you, while connecting you with the stories behind them.

People in the world today care deeply about the quality and meaning behind the goods they buy. Personally, it’s been a treat to get to know so many of the makers and designers in our community over the past couple of years. Their stories about what inspires their creativity are truly impactful and motivating.

That’s why our shop is designed to help you learn about the makers, their processes and inspiration behind making each product. I really love the stories behind makers like Voz Collective, Capital Eyewear, Pigeon Toe, My Dear Fellow Co., DODOcase, and White Whale.

But wait, there’s more!

Our favorite makers are also now teaching school on Brit + Co. — DIY Summer School, that is! We’ve got a new series of e-classes designed to take you from beginner to pro in under an hour.

Our pro instructors include famous names ranging from Lauren Essl, a calligraphy all-star, to Jesi Haack, wedding and event designer extraordinaire (and design collaborator of my very own wedding a few years back!).

The best part? Each of these classes is just $19.99 PLUS you can snag the corresponding kit of supplies, available in the new shop.

We hope the Brit + Co. Shop is a place you’ll visit often, and we’d love to hear your thoughts! Drop us a line on Twitter at @britandco and be sure to use the hashtag #shopbrit.

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Are you a maker, designer, or inventor with a product you’d like to include in the Brit + Co. Shop? Send us a note and tell us all about it!