If you’re feeling weepy over the upcoming fifth and final season of Broad City, you’re not alone. The show’s stars and creators, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, revealed in a new interview that things got pretty emotional while they were filming their final scene together, leading to a whole lot of tears from everyone involved.

The longtime friends and collaborators opened up about the experience in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on the Tuesday, January 15, episode of his show. According to Glazer, the final scene took four hours to shoot, and everyone on set was crying by the end of it. “So the characters are weeping, but we are truly weeping, as is the crew,” she recalled.

“Even if it wasn’t emotional for us, we could’ve wept as actors, but it was helpful that we were emotional as well,” Jacobson said, adding that they wanted to make sure to film their final scene at the very end in order to make it authentic. “We’ve very much grown up with these characters, and we try to create an experience shooting it too.”

Broad City started as a web series 10 years ago, so transitioning out of it has been a major adjustment. Glazer and Jacobson said they’ve always used a shared Google Doc spreadsheet to track things in their real lives that they could use for the show, and now that the show is done, so is the spreadsheet — which has been a bit of a rude awakening.

“It’s like we’re like, forced to be present?” Glazer said, sounding perplexed, as the audience laughed. “And enjoy life, and the moments, for what they are. And we’re truly not used to it.”

A teaser for the upcoming season promised a touching tribute to the friendship between the on and off-screen besties that made the show so special. But the end of Broad City isn’t the end of Abbi and Ilana — the duo will continue to work on projects together and separately for Comedy Central, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Broad City‘s fifth and final season premieres Thursday, January 24, at 10pm ET/PT on Comedy Central.

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(photo via ABC/Randy Holmes)