The word “maternity” probably brings up visions of round bellies and moms dressed in flowy, floral belly-bragging looks, but what do LGBTQ ladies wear when they’re expecting? There’s finally an answer to that, thanks to an androgynous “alternity” line called Butch Baby & Co.

Vanessa Newman and Michelle Janayea are both women who fancy a masculine aesthetic and also plan on one day carrying babies of their own, so they created Butch Baby & Co. for themselves and women like them.


We love this idea and agree that it’s about time we made maternity clothes for all kinds of mamas with all kinds of styles. On their website, Butch Baby says, “You can be butch, you can be stud, you can be non-gender conforming, you can be trans, you can be lesbian, you can be bisexual, you can be queer, you can be straight and you still have a right to bear children. You still have a right to be mom, mommy, mama, maddy, moddy, dommy, daddy, dad, whatever you feel comfortable being called; you have a right to choose pregnancy and feel comfortable.”

In an interview with The Cut, Vanessa said that it’s not just comfort in the clothes themselves that’s important, “but comfort in identity and knowing that you can be comfortable in your own skin.”


They’re currently working on a sample line that will include a nursing t-shirt, Oxford button-up, jeans pullover sweater, zip-up hoodie, sweatpants, boxer briefs and a nursing sports bra. Vanessa is most excited about their jeans. They’re ditching the elastic belly band for elastic splits down the side. Michelle is excited for the nursing tee, which is split right under the bust.

According to their Facebook, they just raised their first $5,000, and they’re hoping to launch their first pieces in August. Vanessa said that they’re planning on launching online and hoping to have a pop-up store within a year or two of launching. Stay up-to-date with the launch of the line and all updates on their Facebook page.

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