With Pinterest exploding over the last few years, DIY is bigger than ever (hooray!). Recently we’ve been seeing what we call DIO (do it offline — you know, the call to actually turn those Pinned projects into the real thing) becoming a mantra. From pottery to woodworking to cooking, there are many forms of art that people are doing without a phone in hand. One of our favorite analog activities is calligraphy. We love it so much we have two B+C e-classes to teach you how to maneuver your pen and create gorgeous letters! Taught by the incredibly talented Lauren Essl, Calligraphy 101 will show you the basics, like holding your pen and getting the ink to meet the paper without splattering. In her second class, Calligraphy 201, you’ll dive deeper into the artistry of penmanship. Once you get into the flow and are ready to practice, we’ve got some great DIYs and inspiration for your next calligraphy project. Check it out.


1. Calligraphy Calendar: Either the year is halfway over and you still haven’t found a calendar you love, or you’re over your cats-wearing-costumes calendar and want something new. Regardless, we’ve got you covered with this darling callie. (via Brit + Co)


2. Watercolor Birthday Card: Like salt and pepper, Beyonce and Jay-Z, the 1980s and crimped hair, watercolor and calligraphy go together like two peas in a pod and make for great birthday cards. (via Oh So Very Pretty)


3. Lettered Vase: If you’re going for that beachy vibe in your home, add a frosted vase to the mix. Maybe write a quote from Blue Crush to really get that Hawaiian feel. (via Julep)


4. Leaves Gift Tags: Going for a more organic look? It doesn’t get more biological than writing on leaves. Try your hand at adding script to botanicals. (via A Fabulous Fete)


5. Labeled Jars: In general, we think that labeled jars add a lovely personal touch to a pantry. Rather than printing labels, get crafty and make your own. (via Living Locurto)


6. Herb Starters: Such a cute way to organize your herbs, these calligraphed pots are a perfect way to celebrate summer. Your herbs will feel so sexy in these pots. They may even grow faster (or at least stand up taller with confidence). (via Bodhi Luxe)


7. Wall Art: Let’s just say it: calligraphy is beautiful. It deserves a place in a frame on the wall. (via Brit + Co)


8. Bouquet Wrap: We’re in love with these wrapped flowers. Not only are the blooms gorgeous, but the calligraphy wrap is amazing. Why give your hostess a bouquet wrapped in plastic when you can use customized paper? (via Julep)


9. Stationary: We couldn’t miss out on the classic use for calligraphy. Cards! And seriously, if you’re like, “I can’t write script like that,” start out with our class and your pen will be flowing in no time. (via Paper & Stitch)


10. Calligraphic Flowers: Last but not least, we often see decorative elements like dingbats and filigree beautifully drawn around calligraphy letters. This tutorial will show you how to make some flowers that will complement your script. The margins of your notebooks will never look the same, you doodler. (via Made By Marzipan)

What other DIY calligraphy projects would you like to see on the site? Make requests in the comments and we’ll see what we can do!