If you’re thinking of going digital with your holiday cards this year, we just found a way to give your pics a little extra pizazz. Cam Animate lets you add little stick figure animations on top of your photos so they have an extra dose of holiday spunk.

In addition to animations, you can add music too. First, select and crop your photo, then you’ll have the option to add a text banner or music from the Cam Animate library, or record something right on your mic. You can share your creation right from the app to Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr or YouTube. And you can expect special seasonal animations for the launch.

Even if you’re sending out printed cards, this would be great for a holiday mass email to all those folks you may have missed.

The app will be released on iTunes December 4. Until then, you can get some animation ideas from Cam Animate’s Instagram and Facebook.

What would you create with Cam Animate? Let us know in the comments!