We’re sad to say it, but summer’s coming to an end. Rather than mourning endless days at the beach, metallic sandals, and boating trips, we’re going to say farewell to the blazing heat with a last hurrah. We’re Maddy and Shauna of Confetti Pop, and we’ve rounded up a collection of crafts perfect for chilly nights in the backyard and camping trips at the cabin. Hello, Fall!

First up, some perfect crafts for fall.

1. Paint Can Lights: Light up the night, and a path through the yard, with these easy-to-make outdoor lights. (via Lowe’s)

2. Recycled Fire Pit: Planned an impromptu bonfire? All you need is $10 and an hour to whip up this charming fire pit. (via House and Fig)

3. Monogram Wood Slice Coasters: These coasters give drinks a pretty, rustic place to rest (via Confetti Pop)

Add unexpected flair to your s’mores fixings with these delicious recipes.

4. Double Chocolate Orange Marshmallows: These chocolate-y, citrus squares turn a childhood favorite into a grown up treat. (via La Fuji Mama)

5. Chocolate-Dipped Salted Caramel Marshmallows: Salty and sweet meets melty. What a divine combination! (via epicurious)

6. Walnut-Maple Graham Crackers: Make these nutty crackers for an awesome punch of flavor. (via Aida Mollenkamp)

7. Cinnamon Graham Crackers: Bake up these crackers for the less adventurous palates at your party. (via Cherry Tea Cakes)

Standing over a roaring fire isn’t everyone’s idea of heaven. For them, offer up these reinvented s’mores.

8. No Bake S’mores Cheesecakes: A flick of the wrist is all you need for a mouthful of sweets with these shot glasses. (via How Sweet It Is)

9. S’mores Macarons: J’adore macarons? Treat your favorite Francophiles to the sophisticated side of s’mores. (via Bakers Royale)

Let the kids stay up late and partake in the fun with these crafty ideas.

10. Campfire Caps: A crown of felt flames will make each kid feel like fireside royalty. (via Spoonful)

11. A-Frame Tent: Lounge in loveliness with a floral tent. (via Mossy Mossy)

12. Felt Campfire: Play it safe. Let the kids huddle around this no-flame fire. (via Sister’s Deux)

13. Throw Re-Do: Turn a thrift shop throw into a treasure with stencils. (via Obsession Session)

14. Felted Garland: Dress up the trees with strands of cozy felt. (via Purl Bee)

15. Felt Coffee Cozies: Sip cider without a single burn with these felt cup sleeves. (via Purl Bee)

What are your favorite end of summer projects? Tell us in the comments below.