Fans of Sex and the City tend to fall into two very distinct camps: Team Big and Team Aiden. While Big may have won out in the end on the 鈥渂ig鈥 screen, the series鈥 original author, Candace Bushnell, has previously stated that the two would not have ended up together in real life. As it turns out, there鈥檚 a very specific reason they wound up together in her fantasy world: her mother.

As the writer explained to US Weekly, she was largely influenced by her mom, who was DEFINITELY Team Big. 鈥淲henever I would go home and visit my parents, my mother would say, 鈥榃hy is Carrie with Aiden and not Mr. Big? You鈥檝e got to get rid of Aiden,鈥 she said.

In the end, Bushnell felt that mother knew best. 鈥淢y mother never felt that Aiden was right for Carrie,鈥 she said. 鈥淪o I felt obligated to take her side.鈥 In short? Mrs. Bushnell is 鈥減erhaps鈥 the reason the couple鈥檚 fate ended the way it did.

As for rumors of a third film, the 58-year-old says that while she鈥檇 love for it to happen, she isn鈥檛 exactly holding her breath. 鈥淚 always wish that it would,鈥 she revealed. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know if it will ever happen, probably not.鈥

Should it come to fruition, however, she wouldn鈥檛 change its leading lady鈥檚 fate, despite her previous assessments. 鈥淗opefully they鈥檙e still happily married!鈥 she quipped.

Considering that Carrie HAS had her fair share of heartbreak over the years, we certainly understand that sentiment.

Fingers crossed that Sarah Jessica Parker鈥檚 鈥渨arming drawer鈥 comments on the project turn to 鈥渂oiling hot,鈥 and we get to see her happy and in love, after all.

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