Are you a Samantha or a Charlotte? Ever since coming onto the scene almost 20 years ago (1998!!), Sex and the City has become a cultural gold mine for women coming of age. With the costumes of legend, years on TV and not one, but two movies, you’d think that we’d have our SATC fill. But, you’d be totally wrong. People still want to know if there will be new stories for the four besties in NYC, and now show star Sarah Jessica Parker has shared some info with fans on exactly when that might happen.


After recently hinting at the possibility of a SATC TV reunion, Watch What Happens Live! Host Andy Cohen pressed SJP for more information. And, well, we’re not sure this is exactly what you want to hear:

When asked, Parker says, “It’s in the warming drawer,” basically meaning that it’s not a cold topic… but also that it’s not exactly a priority. We’re hoping that this SATC warming drawer means that it’s gaining momentum before it hits the table. So, while we don’t have anything definite, we definitely don’t have any flat out “nevers” from anyone involved. We guess that for now that means re-marathoning the series and movies (again), and waiting with bated breath to find out when SJP can go to 100 percent Carrie confirmation.

Hopefully, that’ll mean sooner than later for all of us, because it’s definitely time for more!

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