It’s a perfect 85 degrees, you’re sitting by the pool and you’ve got your sunnies, a summer straw hat, your trendy new throwback ‘90s one-piece bathing suit and some good tunes. Your gal pals are coming over, so all you need is an adult beverage to complete this top-notch afternoon. That’s why we’re teaming up with Barefoot Refresh Spritzers to show you how to make a refreshing sangria, perfect for serving the ladies as you get your lounge on (in a giant watermelon slice floaty, no less).

This sangria is made with Barefoot Refresh Spritzer, which adds a little sparkle to the classic cocktail. It’s seriously YUM, so prepare yourself to give everyone at the party the recipe. Also, we’re stoked because Barefoot Refresh Summer Red Spritzer is now served in a single-serve can, which makes it ideal for pool parties, park adventures and beach days. After all, we all know the rules: No glass at the pool. And we say to that: no glass, no problem. Read on for the recipe.


 — 2 oranges

— 3 lemons

— 1/4 cup agave

— 6 cups ice

— (1) 10-ounce bag frozen sweetened raspberries

— 1/2 cup triple sec

— 3 cups lemonade

— 3 cans Barefoot Refresh Summer Red Spritzer



1. Slice oranges and lemons and layer them in the bottom of your pitcher. Scoop some raspberries over the top.

2. Add triple sec, agave, lemonade, then three cans Barefoot Refresh Summer Red Spritzer.

3. Mix and enjoy!


First slice all of your citrus and layer it on the bottom of your pitcher.


We couldn’t resist the opportunity to make our layers look beautiful ;)


Next, add a layer of raspberries (we recommend letting them thaw slightly before adding them to the jug). Follow the berries with triple sec, agave and lemonade. Add your ice, then top it off with three cans of Barefoot Refresh Summer Red Spritzer.


Mix and enjoy! We garnished our glasses with lemon slices, raspberries, mint and one of those fun swirly straws from childhood. (How good were those?!)


Ahhh, we love long summer days out in the sunshine with a cocktail in hand!


Cheers everyone!

What other cocktails would you make with this spritzer? Get inventive and tweet us your ideas@BritandCo!

This post is a collaboration with Barefoot Refresh Spritzers.

Author: Roxy Taghavian
 Production + Styling: Alonna Morrison
 Photography: Cody Towner
 Video: Michael Sullivan