A few weeks ago we showed you five fresh ways to trick out a canvas laptop case, and now we’re onto a more old school office supply: the notebook! We swooned over these canvas notebooks at Blick, and couldn’t resist getting a little painterly with them. We were inspired by classic patterns, video games (hello Tetris!), and good old fashioned stripes. Read on to see how it’s done.

 – canvas notebooks

– acrylic paint

 – paint brushes

– ruler (or straight edge)

– paper plate or palette

– xacto knife

– pencil

– printable templates (Tetris template, diamond pattern template)

We were inspired by Tetris for this one! Print our template and use an xacto knife to cut out each set of blocks. Trace onto your notebook using a pencil.

Paint by filling in each block a different color.

And if you make a mistake, worry not – simply add another block! :)

We love the blocky look of this notebook.

Next up we’ve got a sort of argyle-inspired diamond pattern. Again, print out our template and cut the diamonds out. In this case, it’s the stencil that we’ll use rather than the individual shapes. Trace onto your notebook.

Paint in a random pattern.

And that’s it! So pretty, right?

Last, we’ve got stripes. Use a ruler or straight edge to create your stripes with a pencil. Then, just color ’em in!

We love the bold video game inspired hues on all of these notebooks.

Which design is your favorite?

The Tetris is kind of irresistible…

But our vote goes to the diamonds.

What other canvas products might you try to customize? Talk to us in the comments below.