Things just keep getting better and better for Carly Waddell and Evan Bass! The Bachelor in Paradise alums shared their wedding with the world earlier this week for the premiere of season four AND dropped some baby bombshell news on us earlier this month when they revealed that they鈥檙e expecting their first child together. Now, they鈥檝e got even more good news to share, as they鈥檝e found out the sex of their babe!

Taking to Instagram, the family of five (Bass has three sons from a previous marriage) posted an adorable shot of themselves celebrating the good news.

鈥淭his is our professional gender reveal photo,鈥 Waddell joked of the sweet snap. 鈥淚T鈥橲 A GIRL!!!! I鈥檓 not the only girl anymore! Woo Hoo!!!!鈥

After finding out their results at the doctor鈥檚 office earlier in the day, the couple threw a Mexican-themed fiesta for friends and family to surprise the kids with the news, complete with a pi帽ata which enclosed the answer to their burning question.

Bass鈥檚 sons took turns swinging at the fish-shaped paper mache creation, which Waddell captured on her Instagram stories until her phone died just before they actually broke it.

Still, from the sounds of things, it was a very happy reveal indeed: 鈥淗ow do you feel right now?鈥 Waddell can be heard asking her new hubby. 鈥淪o excited. So happy,鈥 he answers. 鈥淗ow do you think I feel?鈥 she asks. 鈥淓lated.鈥

Congratulations, guys!

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(Photos via Rick Diamond + @carlywad)