We get why once you’ve mastered the cat eye you’d want to stick with your practiced methods. The ultra feminine look is one of the hardest beauty techniques to perfect, and so once you get your liner to come to that ideal tip, whether it’s a quick flick or a sweeping wing, we get why you’d think you’re good. But that’s not counting for the inevitable: seeing your favorite celebs wearing a different, dreamy-as-ever cat eye, and needing to know how it looks on Y.O.U. That’s just the reaction we’re hoping for with this post, one that will ultimately help you come out of your cat eye comfort zone to try one of these brand-new looks on your face. So consider yourself warned: these stars will have you reaching for your liner.

1. Daytime Cat Eye: This wear-everywhere look is cat eye 101. Just the smallest of swipes can make any fresh-faced look instantly polished. The tiny wing has the same pick-me-up for hair: just like that, Alexa’s messy strands look perfectly placed, and Lauren Conrad’s beachy waves appear flawlesss.

2. Inky Cat Eye: If you’re looking to take the everyday cat eye to the next level, this inky version is it. With lids fully covered and the flick teased out just a bit further, it’s the perfect balance of daytime drama (especially with Ginnifer Goodwin’s colorful lip and bold chop) and nighttime elegance (paired with Olivia Wilde’s peachy smile and fancy updo).

3. Metallic Cat Eye: Set against the cat eye’s classic shape, metallic eye makeup looks decidedly fierce — definitely bookmark this twist for your holiday parties. Emma Stone’s glittering lower lash makes her otherwise traditional makeup look altogether glam, while Dakota Fanning’s silver liner sparkles against the stiff black flick to make a statement of its own.

4. Smokey Cat Eye: This is the cat eye at its sexiest — smoldering, sizzling and smokier than you’ve ever seen it. And it takes expert blending and masterful refining to ace this look. Though we have to admit, Vanessa Hudgens and Dianna Agron make it seem well worth the trouble.

5. Graphic Cat Eye: These ’60s-inspired eyes are all about the wow factor, from Nicole Ritchie’s winged shadow effect to Evan Rachel Wood’s homage to Twiggy. Consider this your secret-weapon statement look.

6. Color Cat Eye: If you’re *still* not convinced to stray from your go-to cat eye, you can at least swap out the traditional black when you’re feeling frisky. As you can see on Emmy Rossum, a subtle switch from balck to navy (or even brown!) still has a major effect. Or you can sub a more vibrant color for just the lower lash hue to punch it up Demi Lovato-style.

7. Winged Cat Eye: There’s no such thing as a too-bold cat eye — Rachel Bilson and Nicki Minaj prove that with their extra long wings. Thicker liner from crease to brow makes the look a serious statement — wear this sweeping version somewhere fun, like on a night out with the girls.

8. Glamorous Cat Eye: Take one look at Dita Von Teese and Angelia Jolie, and you’ll get why the cat eye is considered such a classic. No nod to decades past, no harsh geometry, just a strong, painted-on tip that reflects those gorgeously feathered lashes. When it comes to glamorous makeup, you just can’t beat this look.

So which cat eye are you going to try next? Tell us which look is your favorite in the comments below.