Makeup fads will come and go (looking at you, ’90s Drew Barrymore), but there’s one thing that is a classic no matter what beauty era you’re channeling — the cat eye. Whether you’re going mod Audrey Hepburn or modest January Jones a la Mad Men, the cat eye should always have a place in your beauty arsenal. We’re arming you with the tools you’ll need to master the art of this sexy, timeless look.

1. Basic Liquid Eye Pen ($31): Let’s get right to the point. Making the line is key for any fabulous cat eye. With a liquid pen, you can do that with ultimate precision. Here’s a tip: Always start with the tail and work in toward the eye. (via Refinery29)

2. Angled Eyeliner Brush ($25): If you want to go earthy, just use a darker eye shadow for your liner. With a narrow brush that’s angled just a bit at the tip, you can really get that perfect curve. Make sure you dip the brush in water first so the shadow goes on smoothly. (via Brit + Co)

3. Black Eye Shadow ($16): Black shadow can be just the ticket when you’re looking to cover a larger area for a more mod cat eye. It’s great for adding extra drama to your nighttime look. We’re a big fan of MAC, but you can use any dark, highly pigmented shadow that you have in your beauty kit. (via ELLE Brazil)

4. Angled Eyeshadow Brush ($16): To apply that black shadow in the perfect shape, a good angled brush will be a huge help. It adds a little extra precision and stability. (via The Style and Beauty Doctor)

5. A Straight Edge: What if you don’t line your lids at all? Stay with us here… the cat eye is about the shape, not the liner. Use a business card or even tape as a sort of stencil while you’re applying your shadow. When you pull it away, you’ll be left with a crafty cat eye. (via Beautylish)

6. Benefit Push-Up Liner ($24): This thing is kind of a huge deal in the world of eye liners. You simply turn the bottom of the pen (like twisting up lipstick) and after one click you have the perfect amount of liner for one eye. The pen is built perfectly for the shape of your hand and the angle of a cat eye for a great result every time.

7. Eyeshadow Primer ($12): What if you use the utmost concentration DIYing your way through the best cat eye you’ve ever done only to have it all smudge away before the night is over? With primer, your shadows and liners not only last longer, but they’re also more vibrant!

8. Glitter Liner ($16): Sometimes you just gotta go for the glitter. Whether it’s above your black liner or in place of it, glitter liner can be a fun way to switch it up when you’re feeling fun or festive. (via Teen Vogue)

9. A Spoon: Who knew a spoon could do so much? You can use a spoon to get an ideal angle on your cat eye and make sure both eyes look the same! Not to mention it helps to keep your hand steady. (via Cosmopolitan)

10. Precision Tips Q-tips ($4): Even with the best tools in the book, there will still be the occasional smudge or mid-mascara sneeze. In lieu of wiping it all off and starting over, these Precision Q-tips are a great way to touch up your look or help with application. (via SheKnows)

Got any tips or tricks for the perfect cat eye? We’d love to hear them in the comments!