You saw that Zac Efron Instagram with his equally attractive brother Dylan earlier this week, right? Well if that wasn’t enough of a reminder that celebrities have hidden relatives out there, then here’s an assortment of other famous faces that have stunning + talented family members hanging in the shadows — and sometimes in the spotlight as well. Check out 26 of our fave brother-sister/sister-sister/brother-brother duos below that you didn’t know or had totally forgotten about.

1. Zac + Dylan Efron: Ummm, yeah, clearly tight + toned bodies run in the fam. Thanks for sharing your 23-year-old younger brother with us virtually, Zac. Now how can we make this a real life meet + greet?! (Photo via @zacefron)

2. Emma + Alex Watson: Hi handsome younger brother of Emma, when can we meet you IRL?! (Photo via Stephen Lovekin/Getty)

3. Lauren, Breanna + Brandon Conrad: Ok, now we are craving another follow-up to Laguna Beach starring this trio of sibs. (Photo via @laurenconrad)

4. Kate, Pippa + James Middleton: Everyone is always talking about Princess Kate’s younger sis, but why is nobody talking about her insanely handsome older brother?! (Photo via Anthony Harvey/Getty)

5. Nicole + Sofia Richie: Yep, the newly blonde, fashionably funny lady has a 16-year-old mini me that is gearing up to take the world by storm just like her big sis has. (Photo via @sofiarichie)

6. Taylor + Austin Swift: Add adorably handsome 23-year-old little brother to the pro-T.Swift list. Seriously, this girl has got everything. (Photo via @taylorswift)

7. Lady Gaga + Natali Germanotta: These two totally have #twinning looks, even though they are a couple of years apart. (Photo via Andrew H. Walker/Getty)

8. Blake + Robyn Lively: Did you know Blake’s older sister was in the classic Teen Witch?! Well, now you do, and you’re better for it (and because of this amazing photo, obviously). (Photo via @blakelively)

9. Miley + Noah Cyrus: Watch out, world: Mini-Miley is sure to be grabbing headlines in no time. (Photo via @tishcyrus)

10. Lena + Grace Dunham: These two making you do a double take? Us too — they look nearly identical. (Photo via @lenadunham)

11. Cara + Poppy Delevingne: Cara’s older sister is a heavily in-demand model as well. What a surprise ;) (Photo via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty)

12. Gigi, Bella + Anwar Hadid: Yep, there’s a third Hadid, this time as a 16-year-old boy. Because two flawless sibs wasn’t enough for this fam. (Photo via @gigihadid)

13. Scarlett + Hunter Johansson: It may not look like it, but these two are total twins. Two Johanssons are definitely better than one. (Photo via Jamie McCarthy/Getty)

14. Adam + Michael Levine: A younger Levine?! This world truly is #blessed. (Photo via @michaelnlevine)

15. Lupita + Peter Nyong’o: You may recognize the Oscar winner’s lil’ bro from that record-breaking selfie. Fingers crossed he pops up in more imagery soon. (Photo via @theeyoung_king)

16. Jared + Shannon Leto: This duo looks like double the trouble, but also double the hotness. Also, how do these two look so young? (Photo via @jaredleto)

17. Rihanna + Rajad Fenty: Bad gal Riri has got the ultimate sidekick in her younger bro. (Photo via @rjfenty96)

18. Katy Perry + David Hudson: The singer’s bro is making us roar! Hey, stud! (Photo via Christopher Polk/Getty)

19. Gisele + Gabriela Bündchen: Not only does the supermodel have a fraternal twin named Patricia, but she’s also got a stunning little sis too. Good genes, Bündchens, good genes indeed. (Photo via @gisele)

20. Chris + Scott Evans: Can we put in a request? This little brother needs to appear as Captain America’s sidekick in the next film. Okay, thanks. (Photo via @maryqweenofscotts)

21. Kevin, Joe, Nick + Frankie Jonas: The bonus Jonas legacy rages on! And he’s not a little kid anymore! (Photo via @nickjonas)

22. Lana Del Rey + ChuckGrant: Talent, beauty and grace is definitely something this sister duo has in common. (Photo via @yourgirlchuck)

23. Harry + Gemma Styles: Scratch best song ever, this is the best proud big sis-lil bro photo ever. (Photo via @harrystyles)

24. Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting + Briana Cuoco: A singer and an actress make for the best older-younger sister dynamic. (Photo via @normancook)

25. Brandy + Ray J: Siblings that sing together, stick together. Sounds right, right? (Photo via @4everbrandy)

26. Vanessa + Stella Hudgens: Seriously, all of these sib duos know how to twin it up. (Photo via @stellahudgens)

Which celebrity sibling duo is your favorite? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments.