Nope, Blake Lively still hasn’t posted a picture of her daughter, James. But the baby pic the actress just shared on Instagram will certainly hold us over until then — and spawn some serious pop culture nostalgia in the meantime. Behold: a wide-eyed baby Blake in the loving clutches of her big sister Robyn Lively, aka the star of the 1989 cult classic Teen Witch.

And that heartthrob next to Robyn? That’s Dan Gauthier, though you might remember him as Brad Power, the film’s hunky football captain who in your grade school dreams would also totally make out with you during a smooth sax solo.


We never made the connection between Blake and Robyn until now, but apparently killing it on Instagram runs in the family. While Blake’s feed is full of on-point  #OOTD inspo, Robyn’s is packed with throwback pics featuring expertly Aqua Net-ed hair-out-to-there, lot of denim on denim and are-they-gonna-style screen shots from the teen fantasy flick. That’s all alongside current pics of Robyn twinning with her young and gorgeous redhead daughter Kate.

You never know, Auntie Robyn could go ahead and top that by sharing a sweet snap of the newest edition to the fam — her little niece. You might want to go ahead and start following her now.

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(Featured photo via Jamie McCarthy/Getty, photo via @blakelively)