We were all shocked and filled with concern when we found out that IRL hero Carrie Fisher had suffered a massive heart attack while aboard a plane and was in critical condition. While fans were quick to jump onto social media to express their shock and send well-wishes, Carrie鈥檚 contemporaries and friends in the biz were also right there to express how much Ms. Fisher means to them.

Carrie Fisher

While current reports say that 60-year-old fierce AF Carrie 鈥 who not only played Princess Leia, but also our fave bestie in When Harry Met Sally (鈥淵ou鈥檙e right! You鈥檙e right! I know you鈥檙e right!鈥) 鈥 is in intensive care, the reactions keep coming in鈥

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(h/t The Hollywood Reporter; photo via Paul Archuleta/Getty)