You know the drill: You go to a wedding, eat all the cake, dance like a maniac and obsessively stalk that wedding hashtag on Instagram to see all the pics. Only you’re not friends with some of these people, meaning it might say 100 photos are there, but you can only see five of them — lame! Now there’s a new app that’s going to make brides and wedding guests alike very happy. Ceremony will take all your guests’ photos and aggregate them in one place.

Here’s how it works: You give guests a code, and they upload photos to an invitation-only platform like Instagram. That’s it! You could even stream the feed at your reception in real time. It’s 100 percent private, so only those with the code can post and view images and video in the feed. It’s also free, although brides will want to upgrade to the Pro version to be able to download full-resolution photos. It’s basically a private timeline for your most important day, captured by those who know you best.

The app is from the creators of Arcivr, who have plans to take this concept well beyond the wedding industry and implement it in live music settings, where even musicians will be able to post to the feed backstage (also free!). The overall result will be an Instagram-like aggregation of one singular event’s imagery and videos, making those concerts a total experience from several dimensions. You’ll also be able to see special messages from the artists, print photos and other merchandise direct from the app (for a one-time fee) and create a slideshow of favorite moments. It’s kind of nuts no one’s ever thought of this before, and it’s going to be a total event-footage game-changer.

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