Maybe wedding cake isn’t really your thing. Maybe the one you had your heart set on just doesn’t fit into the wedding budget. Whatever the case, it’s time to look for other options. But where do you start? Right here, of course. With brownies, ice cream, waffles and more, these 10 amazing wedding cake alternatives might just be better that the real thing. We’ve got the ideas; all you have to do is find the caterer (or family baker).

brownie wedding cake

1. Brownie Cake: There’s almost nothing better than chocolate piled high. The roses stacked upon this brilliant tower of brownies really take it to the next level. (via Illuminate Photography)

donut wedding cake

2. Donut Cake: Speaking of stacks, how about this stack of donuts? We wouldn’t mind taking part in this wedding. (via Meg Ruth)

macaron wedding cake

3. Macaron Cake: Oh la la. We’re totally in love with this colorful macaron cake. What a way to make an impression. (via Julia Franzosa Photography)

cheese wedding cake

4. Cheese Cake: Ever thought of going savory with your wedding cake? Guests will definitely be pleasantly surprised by delicious cheeses, nuts, fruit and honey. (via Tasha Seccombe Photography)


5. Oreo Cake: While an Oreo cake is a brilliant idea for your wedding, you’d better serve milk alongside for dunking. (via Hibben Photography)


6. Cake Pops Cake: It’s a fact that cake pops are better than whole cakes. So why not serve a tower of them to your wedding guests? (via Sweet Lauren Cakes)

ice cream cake

7. Ice Cream Cone Cake: Okay, seriously you guys, is this not the most epic wedding cake you’ve ever seen? (via Southern Light Photography)

crepe wedding cake

8. Crepe Cake: Why are French desserts so romantic? A crepe cake is the perfect idea for a simple, elegant wedding style. No icing or roses necessary here. (via Eric Kelley Photography)

waffle wedding cake

9. Waffle Cake: Waffles, being the best breakfast food there is, make for the perfect sweet ‘n’ fluffy treat for your guests. We also think this wedding brunch reception is a darling idea. (via Becca Rillo Photography)

wedding pies

10. Wedding Pie: Nobody says you have to have a stacked dessert at all. Choose an assortment of pies and you’ll quite possibly please every single guest there. (via Borrowed and Blue)

Have you seen a wedding cake alternative that we missed? Share it with us below!