Bust out your finest swimwear and call all your pals, because a California frosé is now available to order online, and you are going to want a case... or 20. As rosé's popularity shows no signs of slowing, the latest product to hit store shelves that we're swooning over is Chanmé Frosé ($20/4), which comes in a pouch-style container.

In the past, we've had to serve our frosé granita-style in cups or blend it like a frozen margarita and slurp it out of a straw. Those days are gone. Think of Chanmé's version as alcoholic Otter Pops. Genius, we know. Each box contains four pouches that are intended to be tossed into the freezer overnight to turn into frosé magic. Then simply pack 'em up in a cooler and head to the pool, beach, or your backyard without additional cups or straws.

The only downside to this pouch design is your fingers may become frozen trying to break up the wine inside. We recommend bringing along a few beer koozies or paper towels to wrap around the pouches. Alternatively, try to let the rosé cocktail sit outside of the freezer for about 20 minutes before you begin sipping. The mouthpiece is large enough to sip directly from the pouch, so you won't need a straw.

Just about any food will pair well with frosé. Cheese with baguette and Mexican food, including queso dip, guac, and chips, are two starting points. Salty and rich will help balance out any of the sweetness of the frosé. However, there's nothing wrong with just drinking it solo, either. After all, you're here for the buzz, right?

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(Photos via Chanmé and Getty)