As if we needed more reasons to love Channing Tatum. Whether he鈥檚 killing it on Lip Sync Battle or taking gorgeous photos of his wife that show us just how much he loves her, the actor can seriously do little wrong. We love seeing him in interviews, especially because he鈥檚 so down to earth, honest and genuinely seems excited about life.


So, we were super excited to see this happy-go-lucky dad as the first guest on newly minted YouTube chat show Speechless with Carly Fleishmann. Carly is one of Channing鈥檚 biggest fans and to have him on her show seems like the perfect way to launch a YouTube talk show, no?

The most exciting part about the show isn鈥檛 Chan, though 鈥 it鈥檚 host Carly. As a non-verbal Autistic person, Carly communicates via iPad, and while you鈥檇 think that would be hard for both her and Channing, it鈥檚 actually wildly charming because Carly is wildly charming.

Asking the celeb out on dates, having him face his fears and being generally the most fun host we can think of this side of Ellen, we鈥檙e looking forward to more episodes of Speechless. And Channing鈥檚 lovely demeanor with Carly proves that he鈥檚 not just another pretty face but a kind and caring guy with a heart of gold who鈥檚 down for anything for a laugh.

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(Image via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty)