When we have a chance to do good, look good and be inspired, we always take it. That’s why we’re all about the recent collaboration between ONA Bags and charity:water. They’ve combined their powers of craftsmanship, style, charity and goodwill to create a sleek, simple camera strap that benefits you and people without clean drinking water.

It’s called the Sahel Strap and it’s named for the region that crosses the southern halves Mali and Niger, Africa. While the strap launched in July, the Sahel region is the focus of charity:water’s September funding efforts. If you’re not familiar, charity:water is a non-profit that’s on a mission to bring clean, safe water to everyone in the world, to aid in nourishment but disease prevention. For max impact, they focus their efforts on a specific region each month. As far as non-profits go, this place scores an A+ with Charity Navigator and 100% of donations go right into the field.

This is not the first time these organizations have teamed up. In December, ONA gave film bags to the charity:water photographers for them to carry on their trip through Malawi. Charity:water relies heavily on photography and video to tell the powerful stories of the people in the communities they’re helping so the collabo isn’t as random as might initially seem.

And what can the Sahel strap do for you? Long enough to hang crossbody and handmade with a durable leather, padded neckline, the strap features a canvas patch on the shoulder encouraging the photog toting it (in gorgeous typography btw) to “Tell Stories.” Photos are one of our favorite storytelling mediums as we Snap and Insta every aspect of our lives, but it’s nice to go back to a camera that’s not a part of your smartphone to rediscover stories through the art of photography, especially while raising awareness.

The strap costs $99, with $30 of your purchase going right back to charity:water. When you buy your strap, make sure to share and hashtag #tellstories to spread the awesome mission of charity:water and ONA.

Know any other great non-profit collaborations? Let us know in the comments!

(Image via The Phoblographer)