We are all about upcycling, and there’s no doubt that the holidays are the perfect time to bring back the old to make them into something new. Though some of our holiday decor will be back year after year, we love to change it up each season. That’s why it’s a great idea to take last year’s decor and use it as a part of your gift wrap. Today we’ve teamed up with the Scotch® Brand to show you three ways to make adorable toppers that won’t cost you a dime!


Use Last Year’s Cards

Holiday cards are so adorable. Rather than living in a box, we think they should live on top of a box as an adorable gift topper.

Materials + Tools:

– Scotch® Magic™ Tape

– Scotch® Double Sided Tape

– Scotch™ Scissors

– ribbon

– last year’s cards

– hole punch

– holiday confetti


If your cards have a single image rather than a pattern, you can simply cut the image out rather than using the hole punch.


First, punch out enough flags to span the length of your gift. Then use Scotch® Double Sided Tape to adhere pieces of confetti to each flag.


Cut a piece of ribbon that will wrap around the box. Then use Scotch® Magic™ Tape to attach the flags to the ribbon, creating a mini garland. Tape the garland to your gift for an adorable accessory!


Use last year’s garland and trinkets

Garland works as a great alternative to ribbon, and small decorative items like woodland creatures make for adorable toppers. Combine the two and you’ve got a stylish gift your friends will love.

Materials + Tools:

– Scotch® Magic™ Tape

– Scotch™ Scissors

– last year’s garland

– last year’s decorative trinkets


Here’s the how-to!


Wrap your garland around the decorative trinket, then cut it to size. Tape it to the present and then wrap the garland completely around the gift and add more tape to the back.


So cute and festive!

Use Last Year’s Pine Cones

Pine cones are a staple, but it doesn’t hurt to grab a few from your stock and add them to gifts!

Materials + Tools:
 – Scotch® Magic™ Tape

– Scotch™ Scissors

– spray paint

– ribbon

– last year’s pine cones


Time to spray paint!


First, spray your pine cones with paint. We went for a metallic, but you can use any color you like. Next, wrap your cones with ribbon, positioning them in a small cluster.


We decided to add a second topper to our gift for some extra pizazz. Use Scotch® Magic™ Tape to adhere your toppers to the box.


We love that these toppers didn’t cost anything!


What items do you have around your house that would make for great gift toppers? Share your findings with us on Instagram @britandco.

This post is sponsored by the Scotch® Brand.

DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden

Photography: Chris Andre