Are magical, flying ponies the new unicorn trend? Maybe. China Glaze has jumped on the nostalgia train with a My Little Pony collab — and it’s gorgeous.

The pony-approved shades will hit the shelves of beauty retailers including Sally Beauty and Ulta Beauty next month, all for $8 a pop. That’s plenty of time before the My Little Pony film reboot, starring Zoe Saldana, Emily Blunt, and Uzo Aduba, premieres in the fall.

The 14-piece collection includes whimsical names like “I Just Canterlot,” and “Where’s the Party Cannon At”? The colors range from soft solids to frosty and shiny finishes and glittery holographics. Those who know the characters well enough might even be able to tell which shade represents which just by glancing at the bottle!

And if you’re thinking this will make a cute gift for your niece, not so fast! This collection is also all about the ’90s kids who grew up with the toons. Marwan Zreik, VP of marketing at China Glaze’s parent company, told WWD, “The target consumer could be someone who grew up with the My Little Pony brand or is experiencing the brand for the first time, no matter the age.”

So next time you need a hit of nostalgia in your life, just reach for a bottle of polish ;)

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(Featured photo via Hasbro)